Early buy low targets, 2024

Hitters that have disappointed you early in the season can be easy to view as guys to avoid or good sell-low targets. After all, we want to accumulate as few bad or empty stats as possible while the season is still young. But doing so locks in those losses and prevents you from enjoying the ride back up.

Here, let's find buy-low targets by looking at hitters whose hit rate (BABIP) has declined significantly from their prior three-year baseline:

NameLgbb%ct%Eye EV LA Brl%h% '21-'23 h% '24 Diff 
José AbreuAL4%75%0.17 87.4 9.7 0.0%31%13%-18%
Parker MeadowsAL13%56%0.34 84.6 30.6 9.8%31%13%-18%
Chris TaylorNL13%50%0.30 83.8 12.2 3.1%34%17%-17%
Jared TrioloNL11%71%0.44 87.2 8.8 3.8%44%27%-17%
Evan CarterAL10%70%0.39 86.1 14.2 


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