BATTERS: Very early observations, 2023

Let's take a very early look at some notable week one performances among batters by putting them into the bigger context of the player's preseason outlook. The goal is to help you identify which extreme performances are worth buying into, as well as which you should view with a skeptical eye.

Keep in mind that current data samples are tiny, so our focus very early in the season will be to discuss only extreme performances in this space.


Yandy Díaz (3B/1B, TAM) has helped to fuel the early surge of TAM. He has 2 HR, 6 RBI, and an .825 OPS over his first 32 PA. His pristine plate skills have remained intact (16% bb%, 85% ct%, 1.25 Eye). Furthermore, his 96.0 mph EV and 8.7% Brl% are unlocking more upside with his bat...


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