BATTERS: 2023 Gambles

This column will help you identify batters who might be overvalued heading into draft day. We'll do so by looking at batters whose 2022 returns were not backed by strong underlying skill support.

The batters near the top of this list had the worst skills in 2022 among those who earned at least $5 that season:

Let's take a closer look at a dozen bats who are likely to be overvalued in 2023.


Jose Altuve (2B, HOU) continues to be viewed by the market as an elite hitter (35 ADP), and for good reason. He has proven ability to overachieve his underlying metrics. Still, Altuve's poor 85.9 mph EV in 2022 was the worst of his career and put him in the 6th percentile among qualified batters. That makes a decline to 20 HR a real...


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