F/F SPOTLIGHT: Rafael Devers

For Rafael Devers (3B, BOS), the transition from top prospect to top MLB performer didn’t take long. After hitting .240 with moderate production (21 HR / 66 RBI) in 450 AB with the Red Sox in 2018, the end of his 2019 Baseball Forecaster commentary gave some hope:

“Just remember one key number: 22, as in years old. The future still shimmers.”

Little did we know, that future was much shorter off than we expected, as Devers got some down-ballot MVP votes in 2019 with a fabulous $34 season:

Year    AB  HR   BA/xBA  bb%  ct%   Eye  HctX  h%   bG/L/F    PX/xPX  HR/F   $R
====   ===  ==  =======  ===  ===  ====  ====  ==  ========  =======  ====  ===
2017   222  10  284/255   8%  74%  0.32   104  34  49/15/36  121/ 98   17%   $6 
2018   450...


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