Second-half surgers, 2023

Let's continue our stretch-run look at players that have surged the most since July 1.

The following bats have seen a substantial spike in their production in the second half of 2023 (min 50 PA each half):

  2023 2H vs. 1H
NameLgbb%ct%Eye OPSEV Brl%LA 
Taylor WardAL6%3%0.45 .362(2.1)3.2%1.9 
Tyrone TaylorNL2%10%0.14 .322(2.4)2.9%4.4 
Triston CasasAL0%3%0.04 .289(0.8)-0.5%4.3 
Mitch GarverAL4%8%0.28 .2740.5 2.5%7.1 
Bobby Witt Jr.AL-1%4%0.03 .2530.9 2.3%(0.0)
Aledmys DíazAL2%-3%0.05 .2433.0 -0.6%6.3 
Mookie BettsNL1%4%0.27 .236(0.3)2.9%1.5 
Tyler O'NeillNL6%14%0.45 .2340.8 -1.7%1.9 
Cody BellingerNL-3%9%0.04 .2312.4 1.6%0.7 
J.P. CrawfordAL1%-5%(0.10).224(2.0)3.6%4.5 
Wilmer FloresNL0%8%0.32 .217(0.5)2.5%(6.8)


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