SPECULATOR: Mulligans, 2022

We gave out some free passes earlier this year for pitchers who had one bad day at the office. We're extending that forgiving mood with an annual exercise of handing out mulligans to those who, frankly, stunk for most (if not all) of 2022.

These are guys who sliced one in the woods this year, be it due to injury (especially the hidden ones), bad luck, or just a plain old off year. But they've parked plenty of drives down the fairway before and could do so again in 2023 if we toss just 'em another ball.

You’ll need a short memory if you rostered these guys this year, but here are several players who could reward you in 2023 if you give them a pass. The hitter/pitcher lists below are ordered by NFBC Main Event ADP with color-coded surface...


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