RESEARCH: Workin' the Split Shift 2: Pitchers

We follow up our look at 2H/1H splits for 2010 mid-season rookie batters (explained in last week's column) with a similar approach for pitchers. There are 10 profiles below of both starters (minimum 80 IP in 2010) and relievers (minimum 30 IP). Several of these had a cup of coffee before 2010; we looked for pitchers that had a more or less consistent role for approximately half a season last year. Our goal is to see what the BPI trends in a pitcher's "second half" (2011 numbers through 7/10) can tell us as we forecast the balance of this year and beyond.

Jake Arrieta (RHP, BAL)

Splt    IP   ERA  xERA  Ctl  Dom  Cmd  hr/9  hr/f  BPV  H%/S%
====   ===  ====  ====  ===  ===  ===  ====  ====  ===  =====
2010   100  4.66  5.48  4.3  4.7 ...


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