CHASING THE 2016 NFBC: Save us Super 2

The season's far from over; there's still more than four months to go in our fantasy baseball season.  However, with about a quarter of the season now in the books, we should have a pretty good idea of what our strengths and weaknesses are, what we'd like to improve on our teams.  Whether power or speed, infield or outfield, starting pitchers or closers, Ks or WHIP, etc. 

In the NFBC however, options to improve our teams in season are limited.  There is no trading.  There is no picking up minor leaguers in a preemptive move prior to their call up. 

In the NFBC, there is only the return to your roster of injured, suspended, or minor league players you had stashed from the draft (or having picked up if dropped off someone else's roster),...


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