NFBC: Best Ball and Cutline leagues 2021

The NFBC offers two varieties of best ball leagues. The Best Ball Cutline format features ten-team leagues with a 42-round draft that owners can choose to finish in a two-three hour time slot or as a slow draft. The national contest will host up to 270 leagues in 2021 with a $150 entry fee and the chance to win a $75,000 overall prize. The NFBC's Best Ball format features 12-team leagues with a $100-400 entry fee per team. The league prizes in Best Ball formats range from $200 ($100 entry) to $2,700 for a $400 entry. The top five teams in the $100 per entry Best Ball leagues double their money. As a points-based format, Cutline and Best Ball offer various ways to create point differentials at each 23-man position. 

In Best Ball Cutline...


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