HEAD-TO-HEAD: Creating a new SP consistency metric


It's late July of 2019. Your number one starting pitcher, Chris Sale (SP, BOS), has been largely inconsistent. You are desperate for strikeout and ratio help. You scan the waiver wire. There he is. The savior, Reynaldo López (SP, CHW). He's just run off six very good starts. His ERA during those starts was 2.34 and his peripherals were excellent (10.6 Dom; 5.5 Cmd). Although his xERA of 3.87 showed that he was pitching slightly above his weight, he was the former #26 overall prospect according to BHQ in 2017. Perhaps he was finally putting it all together?

If you took the bait and added Lopez, then you know how this story ends. In August, his ERA was 5.34. In September, he essentially matched it with a 5.23 ERA. Simply...


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