Cade Horton & Owen Murphy

During severe weather in the Southeast, there is a subset of people who chase storms. It always intrigued me. However, I’m extremely risk adverse when it comes to the sort of storms they are chasing. We had a severe weather threat throughout the region this week with most of my area receiving buckets of rain. Instead of chasing storms, I was chasing baseball. That’s why it’s Saturday and my Thursday EHI article is publishing today. Thankfully, the one game played between Chattanooga and Rome this week involved the prospect I wanted most to lead off my at-the-park coverage with, Cade Horton (RHP, CHC). 

Cade Horton (RHP, CHC) – Cubs fans are highly anticipating the MLB debut of Horton, a former 1st round pick from the 2022 draft....


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