2024 New York Mets Top 15 prospects

Organization Grades

Hitting: B+ ... Pitching: B- ... Top-end Talent: B ... Depth: C+ ... Overall: B


Minor League Affiliates

Triple-A: Syracuse (AAA East)
Double-A: Binghamton (High A Northeast)
High-A: Brooklyn (A+ East)
Low-A: St. Lucie (A Southeast)
Rookie: FCL Mets (Florida Complex League)
Rookie: DSL Mets (Dominican Summer League)


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1. Jett Williams (SS,OF) ... 5-10, 175 ... R/R ... 20 ... 2022 (1) HS (TX) 

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2022FCL Mets (FCL)32.250/.366/.43811810.671/6
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)261.249/.422/.41021710.916/32
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)127.299/.451/.56721751.037/12
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)22.227/.308/.2738550.200/1

Comments: Athletic, short-statured prospect enjoyed big first full season as professional. Plus athlete with strength despite limited size. Spray hitter with compact, line drive oriented swing. Will work counts, pester pitchers. Attacks middle-in pitches with power to pull field. Could get to 20-25 HR at maturity. Plus runner with 85% SB%. Fits best in CF.

Development Path: Williams got a short taste of Double-A to end the season and will likely report to Binghamton to start 2024 with Triple-A likely on the horizon. Expect Williams to make full-time transition to CF in coming seasons.

Fantasy Impact: Scouts say Williams' makeup is off the charts. A tireless worker with a high baseball IQ, Williams will continue to outperform what his shorter frame would normally dictate. This is a 5-category stud in most formats if development continues. 

Upside Grade: 9C


2. Drew Gilbert (OF) ... 5-10, 185 ... L/L ... 23 ... 2022 (1) Tennessee

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2022Tennessee (SEC)199.362/.455/.67314841.0311/4
2022FCL Astros Orange (FCL)11.455/.600/.81821821.501/3
2023Asheville Tourists (SAL2)86.360/.421/.6867760.296/4
2023Corpus Christi Hooks (Tex2)224.241/.342/.37113790.726/6
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)123.325/.423/.56113760.636/2

Comments: Strong, short-statured OF prospect acquired mid-season from HOU. Athletic, muscular frame. Open stance, closes up before pitch is released. Patient approach. Plus bat speed with uppercut trajectory swing. Sells out for pull power but will spray in pitchers counts. Above-average power potential in frame and swing. Average runner. Not a SB source.

Development Path: Gilbert started hot in High-A, struggled at Double-A Corpus Christi and then after the trade, slaughtered Double-A pitching at Binghamton. He'll likely spend most of 2024 at Triple-A with a promotion to the big leagues likely.

Fantasy Impact: Among scouts, Gilbert elicits extremely different takes. The scouts that love him, love his effort, power potential and OBP skills. The scouts who don't like him think the effort is eyewash, the power only plays in a vacuum (selling out to pull power) and the OBP has been aided by poor pitching in the minors. One of those players is very valuable. The other is not.

Upside Grade: 8C


3. Luisangel Acuña (2B,SS) ... 5-10, 181 ... R/R ... 22 ... 2018 FA (VZ)

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2021Down East (A2_East)413.266/.345/.40411730.4512/44
2022Hickory Crawdads (SAL2)205.317/.417/.48314710.578/28
2022Frisco RoughRiders (Tex2)152.224/.302/.34910760.473/12
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)148.243/.317/.3049800.502/15
2023Frisco RoughRiders (Tex2)362.315/.377/.4539790.497/42

Comments: Athletic, short-statured IF prospect with bloodlines was acquired in midseason trade with TEX. Swing is similar to his brother, though they are vastly different players. Aggressive approach mitigated by plus hand/eye. Gap hitter, will pile up XBH; HR power plays to pull side only. 14-20 HR at maturity. Plus runner with SB acumen.

Development Path: Acuna spent all of 2023 at Double-A. He performed much better in the hitter-friendly environment of the Texas League compared to the Eastern League. He will start 2024 in Triple-A with a great chance of seeing the big leagues by the mid-summer.

Fantasy Impact: Acuna has steadily improved throughout his career. There's likely a little more power to get to but not much. He'll always be a prospect who will chase out of the zone. However, he's shouldn't be a high strikeout guy and will have decent OBP skills. The BA and SB potentially, along with his defensive versatility, push Acuna to a solid average outcome. 

Upside Grade: 8C


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4. Ronny Mauricio (2B,3B,SS,OF) ... 6-3, 166 ... B/R ... 22 ... 2017 FA (DR)

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2021Brooklyn (A1_East)392.242/.290/.4496740.2419/9
2021Binghamton (AA_NE)31.323/.364/.4526650.181/2
2022Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)509.259/.296/.4725750.1926/20
2023Syracuse Mets (IL2)490.292/.346/.5067800.3623/24
2023New York Mets (NL)101.248/.296/.3476690.232/7

Comments: Switch-hitting power prospect had okay showing during MLB callup. Aggressive approach with tendency to chase. Open, upright stance from both sides of plate has moderate leg kick prior to swing, squaring up lower half. Linear swing but hits snot out of ball upon contact; it's plus power if ct% allows it. Reactions play up speed on bases.

Development Path: Mauricio was to compete for a role on the 2024 Mets. However, he will miss an extended amount of time recovering from surgery on his ACL. It is unknown when he will return. 

Fantasy Impact: Mauricio is never getting on base a lot. When he gets on base, it will mostly be BA driven. The question out there is whether he gets to barreled contact and high EVs enough to make the OBP issues tolerable to get to regular playing time. The SB upside is nice now. As he gets bigger, which he has done every year in development, the speed will go and he will be a one-dimensional performer.

Upside Grade: 8C


5. Ryan Clifford (1B,OF) ... 6-3, 200 ... L/L ... 20 ... 2022 (11) HS (NC) 

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2022FCL Astros Orange (FCL)36.222/.440/.38925560.751/2
2022Fayetteville Woodpeckers (Caro2)41.268/.412/.39020630.671/0
2023Fayetteville Woodpeckers (Caro2)92.337/.488/.45721710.932/3
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)117.188/.307/.37613560.356/1
2023Asheville Tourists (SAL2)214.271/.356/.5479710.3416/1

Comments: Strong, power-hitting prospect acquired at trade deadline from HOU. Muscular frame with below average athleticism. Upright stance with slight bat wrap in load. Uppercut swing with double-plus bat speed propels power profile, which is plus-plus raw. Patient approach should aid in OBP if BA backtracks to due ct%. Double-plus arm. Struggles in OF.

Development Path: Clifford wasn't very good after the trade, moving from the best Sally league park for hitters (Asheville) to the worst for hitters (Brooklyn). He has an equal chance starting back in High-A or moving up to Double-A to start the year.

Fantasy Impact: Clifford burst onto the scene with a wild start in Low-A. Some of his High-A success should be cast away because the ballpark in Asheville favors LHH like Clifford. This is a power-first profile. If he can field enough in the COF, the bat will project better, given the likelihood the bat would be second division quality at 1B. Clifford, with enough contact, could also be a 35+ HR bat. 

Upside Grade: 8D


6. Christian Scott (RHP) ... 6-4, 215 ... 24 ... 2021 (5) Florida

2022St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)37.14.821.3932.912.54.3.263
2022Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)21.13.801.4534.
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)62.02.470.8391.

Comments: Tall, projectable RHP enjoyed breakout season after refining his pitch mix the past two off-seasons. Long frame; is near physical projection. Easy, repeatable delivery with plus extension. 4-seam FB has plus ride and run from lower arm slot. SP has natural arm-side fade and late drop. SL is a solid offering. Will mix in 2-seam FB and CB. 

Development Path: Scott enjoyed a breakout season, split between High-A and Low-A. He's likely slated for Triple-A to start 2024 with a MLB debut in the cards.

Fantasy Impact: While Blade Tidwell has the better overall stuff, Scott is the best combination of stuff and finish. He has transformed from a sinkerball pitcher out of college to one of the better 4-seam FBs in the minor leagues. There is SP2/SP3 stuff in Scott's profile.

Upside Grade: 8C


7. Colin Houck (SS) ... 6-2, 190 ... R/R ... 19 ... 2023 (1) HS (GA) 

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2023FCL Mets (FCL)29.241/.389/.31019720.880/0

Comments: Former 2-sport prep star moved up draft boards after focusing on baseball. Above-average tools across the board. Short, compact swing from an upright, closed stance. Mostly pull oriented, contact hitter, though above-average power plays to CF and to the pull gap. With strength gains, could get to plus power. Sticks on left side of IF defensively.

Development Path: Houck only got into 9 games with the Mets' Florida Complex League team. He showed an advanced eye for the level. He'll likely start 2024 at Low-A St. Lucie.

Fantasy Impact: Houck improved his draft stock last summer/fall during the showcase circuit and then cemented his status as a 1st rounder in the spring. It's a strong profile for fantasy, just much further away than others given his limited baseball reps prior to 2022. 

Upside Grade: 8D


8. Blade Tidwell (RHP) ... 6-4, 207 ... 22 ... 2022 (2) Tennessee

2022Tennessee (SEC)
2022FCL Mets (FCL)
2022St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)34.14.721.4274.510.72.4.237

Comments: Athletic 3/4s RHP showcased his loud pitching arsenal in 2022. Strong build, near physical projection. Deceptive delivery with solid extension plays up pitch mix. 4-seam FB has significant rise from lower slot; it's near plus-plus. SL has significant horizontal movement and natural sweep. Improved feel for CU, now average offering.

Development Path: Tidwell was so-so after his callup to Double-A after handling High-A. He will work on improving his strike% in a return to Double-A in 2024.

Fantasy Impact: Tidwell has the best stuff in the entire Mets organization. The added weapon of the CU has legitimized the starter profile. His FB/SL mix is a devastating combo but creating a different spin profile with his CU has really moved him up into the SP outcome bucket. This should be a whiff inducing SP as long as the strike% cooperates.

Upside Grade: 8D


9. Mike Vasil (RHP) ... 6-5, 225 ... 24 ... 2021 (8) Virginia

2022FCL Mets (FCL)
2022St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)
2022Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)51.03.710.8431.410.17.2.186
2023Syracuse Mets (IL2)73.05.301.4794.710.02.1.242

Comments: 3/4s RHP wasn't able to follow up strong 2022 season. Workhorse like frame near physical projection. Repeatable delivery but cuts off lower half, limiting extension. Throws a lot of strikes but struggles to put away hitters. Plus riding action on FB plays up pitch to plus. CU is best secondary but struggles throwing it for strikes.

Development Path: Vasil was hit around some in Triple-A after his promotion from Double-A. At both levels, too many batters turned into baserunners. He'll likely head back to Triple-A to start the season with a likely MLB callup soon.

Fantasy Impact: Vasil firmly sits in the SP4/SP5 bucket. On his best days, he can hitters to chase. He throws a lot of pitches because he doesn't have that offering with whiff potential he can throw with trust. He'll need to amp up his command of his arsenal to get to something higher than the bucket suggests.

Upside Grade: 7C


10. Brandon Sproat (RHP) ... 6-3, 215 ... 23 ... 2023 (2) Florida

2023Did Not Play (X) 

Comments: Hard-throwing RHP starred for College World Series runner-up in 2023. Athletic, crossfire delivery with long arm circle. Struggles to stay on time with release, effecting control. 4-pitch arsenal. Mid-90s FB has plus profile due to ride/run. Sells plus CU with significant downward break well. CB has above-average 11-5 break.

Development Path: After a long college season, the Mets held Sproat at the complex to limit his reps. He'll likely start his pro career at a lower level full-season squad and should move quickly to the upper minors.

Fantasy Impact: Sproat has a plus pitch mix. There's a funky delivery and he struggles to consistently throw strikes, which hurts his SP profile, bu the RP floor is fairly high. The Mets have had success in recent years refining deliveries and pitch mixes. Maybe Sproat is another pitcher they can work magic with.

Upside Grade: 8D


11. Kevin Parada (C) ... 6-1, 197 ... R/R ... 22 ... 2022 (1) Georgia Tech

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2022Georgia Tech (ACC)258.360/.452/.70910880.9426/11
2022FCL Mets (FCL)11.273/.429/.45515912.000/0
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)13.077/.200/.07713460.290/0
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)340.265/.340/.4478720.3111/1
2023Binghamton Rumble Ponies (East2)54.185/.250/.3897570.173/0

Comments: Former 1st round pick saw offensive profile crash and burn in dreadful 2023 season. Strong-bodied at physical projection. Unusual stance with problematic load. Struggles to get bat moving forward. Plus bat speed remains though and plus pull-side power. Defensively challenged, HR will need to carry the profile.

Development Path: Parada was decent in High-A and dreadful in Double-A and the Arizona Fall League. He also dealt with an ankle injury too in 2023. He'll likely report back to Double-A Binghamton to start 2024.

Fantasy Impact: A bat-first catcher with questions about his bat is never a good recipe. The power pushes the profile; there is a chance for above-average HR totals if he can adjust to a better launch angle, selling out for it. The hit tool needs to find the electricity Parada had in college; it just hasn't been there as a pro. He's a below-average catcher at his best. 

Upside Grade: 7C


12. Marco Vargas (2B,SS) ... 6-0, 170 ... L/R ... 18 ... 2022 FA (MX)

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2022Dominican Miami (DSL)182.319/.421/.45616821.092/14
2023FCL Mets (FCL)47.234/.368/.29818811.110/2
2023FCL Marlins (FCL)120.283/.457/.44224821.732/8
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)26.308/.419/.30816730.710/3

Comments: Pop-up complex league bat was acquired mid-season from MIA. Slight build with some room to grow. Upright, slight open stance with direct load to hit position. Contact-oriented bat with spray approach. Works counts, more BB than K. Spray approach and swing trajectory cuts off power potential. Average runner with limited range. Likely long-term 2B.

Development Path: Vargas spent the majority of the season in the Florida Complex league, earning a late season promotion to Low-A, where he'll likely start 2024 at with a chance at High-A Brooklyn by season's end.

Fantasy Impact: Vargas received considerable buzz for his complex performance. He has an advanced approach and a feel for hitter. Power might not be a strong suit and he's not fast. Vargas is likely a contact-driven, fringe regular profile.

Upside Grade: 7C


13. Kade Morris (RHP) ... 6-3, 180 ... 21 ... 2023 (3) Nevada

2023Nevada (MWC)81.15.421.5123.
2023FCL Mets (FCL)
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)2.13.861.2867.711.61.5.125

Comments: 2023 3rd round pick made pro debut after so-so college season. Long frame with physical projection left. Repeats low 3/4 slot delivery well but doesn't achieve appropriate extension for height. Heavy 2-seam FB/SL profile. 2-seamer has solid arm-side run and sink. SL has two-plane break profile and borderline plus offering. Has solid feel for CU.

Development Path: Morris made it up to Low-A in his pro debut. Even though he didn't throw many innings, he'll likely get fast track to High-A, either at the beginning of the season or sometime during the season.

Fantasy Impact: The Mets development have had success with similar profile pitchers, getting them to transform their pitch mix to adapt to pro ball. Morris has some of the same attributes as the Mets top pitching prospect Christian Scott, who came into pro ball with a similar 2-seam usage plan and is now a 4-seam usage pitcher. So there's some wishcasting here with Morris, hoping he turns into something similar to Scott.

Upside Grade: 7D


14. Alex Ramirez (OF) ... 6-3, 170 ... R/R ... 21 ... 2019 FA (DR)

YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct%EyeHR/SB
2021St Lucie (A2_SE)302.258/.326/.3847660.225/16
2022St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)271.284/.359/.4439750.416/17
2022Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)227.278/.329/.4277760.305/4
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)457.221/.310/.31711750.497/21

Comments: Toolsy, athletic prospect struggled mightily with second chance at High-A. Quality of contact regressed. Upright stance with hitchy load. Struggles getting bat started from hit position, especially against velocity. Only positive was cut down on chase rate. Above-average power in profile. Plus runner with improved SB%.

Development Path: Ramirez was added to the 40-man roster, in a puzzling move by the Mets since the bat would be hard to stash on a big league roster as a Rule 5 pick. He'll likely report to Double-A to start the season and probably stay there throughout.

Fantasy Impact: Ramirez's stock has dropped significantly, regressing mechanically into habits that were not as bad as they previously appeared. It's a power/speed profile and those are hard to give up on. However, it would take a remarkable turnaround to get back to where he was on prospect rankings.

Upside Grade: 7D


15. Layonel Ovalles (RHP) ... 6-3, 216 ... 20 ... 2019 FA (DR)

2021Dominican Mets (Dsl)
2022FCL Mets (FCL)29.12.761.0571.513.59.0.228
2022St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)
2023St. Lucie Mets (FSL2)83.24.731.2433.
2023Brooklyn Cyclones (SAL2)10.23.371.7814.

Comments: Big-bodied RHP enjoyed solid season split between lower level affiliates. Maxed-out frame. Jerky 3/4s delivery with below-average extension. 4-pitch mix. 4-seam FB has ordinary profile, lacking spin efficiency. SL is a plus pitch with significant sweeping action. CT is a short breaker, keeping LHH honest. CU is fringe pitch.

Development Path: Ovalles was better in his High-A stint than his Low-A stint. He has periods of lacking command, which is part of growing pains. He'll likely start the season back at High-A before a mid-season Double-A promotion.

Fantasy Impact: The delivery screams reliever. However, Ovalles has the stuff to compete as an SP. He'll need to improve his secondary strike% to get there. We're keeping him alive as an SP but this smells like a RP. 

Upside Grade: 7D


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