April 30-May 6, 2024

Kyle Manzardo (1B, CLE)

The players covered in this column are only those who still have rookie status as determined by MLB, and who have not already been written up earlier in 2024. Find previous Call-up profiles on the Content tab of the player's PlayerLink page. 

Contributing writers: Jeremy Deloney, Chris Blessing, Nick Richards, Matthew St-Germain, and Tanner Smith


May 6, 2024

Kyle Manzardo (1B, CLE)
With the injury of Steven Kwan the Guardians needed a bat, and one of their top prospects, a bat-only 1B Kyle Manzardo, will fit the bill on Monday. Manzardo, acquired from the Rays last season at the trade deadline in a deal straight up for Aaron Civale, struggled with a shoulder injury in 2023, but has been healthy so far in 2024. He...


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