RESEARCH: Surprisingly Productive Years, Part 1 (Batters)

Every fantasy GM's 2019 draft or auction is over. We can all stop thinking about valuation for another 10 months, right? Not so fast! Just because we’ve spent all of our 2019 auction dollars, that doesn’t mean we’ve accounted for all of our 2019 value just yet.

Between 2013 and 2018, nearly 100 batters every year were projected for positive value but returned $0 or less. The average return on investment in a batter was 75.3%. Yikes! Of course, there is significant variability within the average, with many players returning close to their projected value, and some far exceeding theirs, in addition to those falling below projected value or dropping below zero.

But we've been talking about positive-projection players all spring long....


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