RESEARCH: Further explaining New PQS

On Opening Day 2016, we rolled out our #newPQS scores throughout the site. It has been about four weeks since then, so we wanted to revisit the topic to address reader feedback and other aftereffects related to the methodology change. So we'll answer some common questions; call this our "PQS follow-up five”:

The changes to PQS are too drastic; it is too hard for a starter to earn a PQS-DOM now.
It is correct to say that DOMinant performances are now more rare. But earning a PQS-DOM is not now "too hard.” Rather, under the old methodology, earning a PQS-DOM was just way too easy — a full 50% of starts were classified as DOMinant! Or put another way, anything league average or better was considered DOMinant. Or put another-nother...


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