SPECULATOR: Spring training takeaways, 2023

Oh, spring training. We wait for it all winter, we're stoked when it's finally here, and then we scream "DON'T OVERREACT" once we see the returns.

But under the "20% play" disclaimer we slap at the end of the Speculator each week, overreact we will. We'll check in on some rule change impacts and look at hitters vying for playing time, as well as pitchers flashing significant strikeout, walk, or velocity changes so far.

Stolen bases are coming

The question around what the distribution of the increase might look like—do the top speedsters get more of a boost, is it universal, etc.—remains unanswered, but given what we've seen this spring, we can quite confidently say that stolen bases will be WAY up in 2023. A recent tweet from friend of...


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