SPECULATOR: All second-half team, 2023

Believe it or not, we're halfway home.

As next week's All-Star break approaches, it’s the perfect time to set up your team for the second half. By now, you have enough of an idea of your squad’s strengths and weaknesses and can align those with where the “bunches” are in your league’s standings. There’s still enough ball to be played for middle-of-the-pack teams to make a dog-day run, while first-place teams need to stay aggressive and avoid peaking too early.

This week, we’ll go around the diamond and speculate on an All Second-Half team. To avoid the obvious Ronald Acuña/Freddie Freeman/Shohei Ohtani types, we’ll include only those with single-digit production in 5x5 mixed leagues, per our Custom Draft Guide

You won't find any of...


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