SPECULATOR: The 2023 answer key

The answer key. This is the column we all wish we could travel back to March and read.

As we put a bow on the Speculator for 2023, it's time to reflect on how things shook out. We have final answers to a number of questions posed here back in February and March. We ran some preseason columns speculating on 2023's long-shot stat leaders and first-round players, as well as an all second-half team at the midway point.

Today, we’ll revisit those "out on a limb" calls—not only to see what went right or wrong—but to see how things actually played out, dropping in some 2024 takeaways along the way.


2023's end-of-season first round | March 22

Using history as our guide that the end-of-season Top 15 would come from all stages of the draft,...


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