2024 Preseason staff poll

The 2024 edition of our annual pre-season staff survey covers more than 40 questions about the upcoming season. In some cases, our 30+ responding writers have a clear consensus. In others, the group is conflicted. In all cases, the data is illuminating. Topics include:

  • The top of the player pool
  • Position-by-position overview
  • Starting pitchers
  • Closers
  • AL team-by-team
  • NL team-by-team

Plus, we have some open-ended questions towards the end of the survey, allowing our writers to share some personal picks and pans. As always, we have our official projections and a common set of tools for analyzing players, but that doesn't mean our staff shares a single collective brain. Pick out your favorite writer's comments, or just see what resonates with you.


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