Catching up on spring injuries, part 2

Credit for the Worry-O-Meter goes to Dr. Jim Ferretti (Twitter: @TFSDoc):

     1 – “No problemo”
     2 – “I’ll be back”
     3 – “I (might) be back”
     4 – “I (probably won’t) be back”
     5 – “Hasta la vista, baby”


There’s one thing about covering injuries: They never stop. The past few days have seen a new rash of injuries, though not quite as spectacular a run as the Cole/Williams double-whammy last week. We’ll have follow-ups on both, as more information has come out.

Our regular, thrice-weekly column begins next Wednesday (March 27).

Gerrit Cole (RHP, NYY) – R elbow injury (3/10/24) UPDATE
The good news is that he does not appear to have any damage to his UCL. The diagnosis is an...


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