ROTISSERIE: Did Paying up for saves in 2022 pay off?

One of the most-discussed trends of the 2022 draft season was the unprecedented cost of closers. With more MLB teams divvying up save opportunities between multiple pitchers, the number of pitchers recording 30 or more saves decreased from an average of 17 per year during the period of 2012-2016, to an average of 9.4 per year from 2017-2021 (with 2020 prorated to a full season). This put a draft day premium on the few relievers who were perceived to be in line for the bulk of their teams’ saves. The result was two closers with second-round ADP and nine going in the first five rounds of 15-team drafts on average. One of the key questions that rotisserie drafters had to ask themselves in 2022 was whether they were willing to pay the...


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