ALTERNATIVE: 2021 Points League Draft Guide—Pitchers

This year, we adapted the points draft guide to mimic the NFBC Cutline points scoring system. That breakdown looks like this: Innings Pitched 3 points, Strikeouts 1, Wins 6, Saves 8, Hits Allowed -1, Earned Runs -2, Walks -1. With the BaseballHQ Custom Draft Guide, you can input each of those amounts into the grid and get our custom projections for this format.

We use Points Above Replacement Value to rank the pitchers. In a ten-team league, you would need ninety pitchers. That puts replacement value around 324 points. That’s about 125 points less than the hitters we profiled here. So add 125 points to each pitcher’s point total to make him equivalent to a hitter.

To rank the best pitchers, we will deviate from our normal prose format...


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