HQNOW: First Pitch Arizona Speaker Draft Roundtable

Each January, a number of First Pitch Arizona speakers convene (virtually) to kick off draft season with a 15-team, 50-round, 5x5 Draft and Hold league hosted by the NFBC.

So on Tuesday night, we held a subscriber-only event with Ray Murphy/Brent Hershey (defending champs), Doug Dennis, Ryan Bloomfield, and USA Today's Steve Gardner to give their thoughts on early trends we saw, favorite picks, etc. to help you get prepped for your own drafts.

DRAFT RESULTS — Click this link for draft results. The draft board is also visible throughout the show.

Team 1 — Bloomfield
Team 3 — Dennis
Team 5 — Gardner
Team 6 — Murphy/Hershey

HOW TO WATCH — Simply click here to watch on YouTube, OR see below for an embedded version: