2020 Minor League Baseball Analyst

by the BaseballHQ prospect team
Brent Hershey, Editor

Sabermetrics and scouting -- together at last!

The Minor League Baseball Analyst is the first book to fully integrate sabermetrics and scouting. It was founded by Deric McKamey, who was a long-term Bill James disciple, graduate of Major League Baseball's scout school and is currently a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals. Now in its 15th year, with contributions from the entire BaseballHQ.com prospect team, the MLBA provides a unique brand of analysis for over 900 minor leaguers. For baseball analysts and those who play in fantasy leagues with farm systems, the MLBA is the perfect complement to the Baseball Forecaster and is designed exactly for your needs:

  • Scouting reports... for over 900 minor league prospects, including expected major league debuts, potential major league roles and more
  • Stats and Sabermetrics... over three dozen categories for all players, including batter skills ratings, runner speed, pitch repertoires and more
  • Performance Trends... spanning each player's last five minor league and college stops, complete with leading indicators
  • Major League Equivalents... five year scans for every player
  • Mega-Lists... The HQ100 for 2020, retrospective looks at the Top 100s from prior years, organizational Top 15s, top prospects by position, top power and speed prospects, and more
  • Player Potential Ratings... BaseballHQ's exclusive system that evaluates each player's upside potential and chances of achieving that potential
  • Plus... insightful essays and commentary, complete sabermetric glossary, affiliates page and more.

With the importance of knowing the prospects for today's fan, the MLBA is an essential fantasy baseball resource that you will refer to all season long.


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