You go into the draft deliberately ignoring all players who provide home runs and RBIs. You must draft at least two of the league's top average/speed guys and backfill your offense with players with good batting eyes, including good pinch-hitter types. Then you have to spend heavily to ace all the pitching categories. A 130/130 budget split is usually doable here.

What you potentially gain: This strategy also frees you up to focus your efforts on fewer variables. The element of surprise helps give you an edge over the other owners here as well.

Conditions necessary for success: You absolutely must be able to maximize your investments in the other categories. High minimum AB requirements make this plan more difficult to pull off. This strategy is difficult in low parity leagues since there is a ceiling to how many points you can get (74 points in a 12-team league, which is 12 points in 6 of the categories and 1 point in each of HR and RBI).

Risks: Being found out early on in a draft could mean that you will get bid up on the other categories you need to maximize.

Result: Moderate probability of success if all the conditions above are met. If any one of the three conditions does not exist, this strategy can easily fail.