Subscriber testimonials - 2017

Who’s been winning with BaseballHQ lately? Quite a few people, actually. The following are all from 2017 subscribers:
I have both books from you and subscription from Baseball HQ. This is the result:
  • 1x Championship Title
  • 1x Conference Title
  • 1x Second Place
  • 3x Playoff participation
Both books are already pre-ordered and subscription is extended
Thank you
- David Schippman
 Been a subscriber to the forecaster since 2006. Won two championships this season. Thanks!
- Matthew Wayne Sprayberry
 Won my Championship thanks to Baseball HQ. Kluber after injury was best player in the league and Andrus, Beltre, Thames, Quintana all late round picks with profitable returns.
- Brian Pedersen
14-team mixed, took second for the second year in a row... which coincides with my subscription to BHQ! Thanks guys! You all do a fantastic job day in and day out. Also love the podcast. One of these days I'll make it to Arizona in the winter!
- Ashwin Ramji
Won my 3rd straight AL title and won the NL for first time since 2014. The credit belongs to you guys at BaseballHQ, which I have been a member of since 1989.
- David Hinsdale
Back 2 Back championships. Listen to the HQ podcast every week. Thanks PD and friends. It all helps.
- Barry Martz
Three peat, first in league history (since 1984!).   Thanks for the help!
- David West‏ @drwest1111
1st in AL-only 10-team roto w/back to back titles in 2016 & 2017. In 11 seasons: four 1st place/three 2nd place/three 3rd place finishes! Not uncoincidentally, I have been a faithful @BaseballHQ subscriber during this run! #WereOnTo2018Mocks
- Tiffany Leigh‏ @tiffanyleigh
Two second place finishes in Roto and H2H. Thanks to your valuable content!
- Mike Lefty Centeno‏ @BXTarheels7:
First in a rotisserie league, second in a head to head points. Thanks for everything!!
- Matt Warcken‏ @WarckenMatt
2 Championships H2H /Roto...2nd place,3rd place, 5th place against the Legend Lenny League and 13th place NFBC League...Baseball HQ Book [thumbs up emoji]
- Mike Mahony‏ @mikesworld1111
Won my 16-teamer. Back to back. Thanks to HQ and PD’s awesome podcast. Thrilled.
- Dustino‏ @yeah_hoos
Won both of my big leagues.  One of them was back to back.  Thanks!
- C-Dogg Revolution‏ @chkane23
Another year. Another NFBC league title thanks to @BaseballHQ
- Brick‏ @TheRealBrick
 First, first (tie) and fourth. Thanks, BBHQ!
- Monkey Shakespeare‏ @ThomasAMulhall
Backbone of all my fantasy research.  Thanks for all your work guys.
- Mark Evans‏ @MarkEvansNY
Your magazine and site are a huge part of my success!
- Dave Petroziello‏ @dpetr12676
@BaseballHQ is the best. Thank you! 
- Ace‏ @TheJeesus
Thanks @patrickdavitt and all the HQ contributors for all the great shows. Thanks to you, I got 2 1sts and a 2nd out of 4 leagues.
- John Telloyan‏ @Telly45
Won my keeper league championship this season, highest winning margin in the 25 year history of the league. Your site is invaluable. Thanks!
- Michael Berney
Won my 5x5 roto redraft league with off categories by 17 points. Not easy to do when we start with nothing at the draft.  BHQ a big help!
- Dave Ellenhorn