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2018 Organization Report: Philadelphia Phillies

by Brent Hershey

Organization Grades

Hitting: B ... Pitching: A- ... Top-end Talent: B+ ... Depth: A ... Overall: B+

Minor League Affiliates

Triple-A: Lehigh Valley (International League)
Double-A: Reading (Eastern League)
High-A: Clearwater (Florida State League)
Low-A: Lakewood (South Atlantic League)
Short-season: Williamsport (New York Penn League)
Rookie: GCL Phillies (Gulf Coast League)

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1. Sixto Sanchez (RHP) ... 5-10, 160 ... 19 ... 2015 FA (DR)
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)54.00.500.7601.
2017Lakewood (SAL)67.12.410.8201.
2017Clearwater (FSL)27.24.551.3002.
2018Clearwater (FSL)46.22.511.0700.00.00.218
Comments: Passed the first-full-season test with aplomb. Package is uncanny for a teenager: ability to manipulate lively high-90s FB; understands sequencing; composed and works quickly; outstanding athleticism. Starts with premium arm speed; often ends with strikeout or weak contact. Secondaries still need consistency, but sky-high upside.

Development Path: High-A will be the place to continue to work on offspeed pitches, which flash plus. A bit of concern about his slight build, but still just 19. An innings limit will be in place for 2018, but he could reach AA by end of season.

Fantasy Impact: One of top SP prospects in the minors, with both physical tools and and excellent mental approach. He has a potential ace future that includes excellent ERA/WHIP numbers and good strikeout rate.

Upside Grade: 9C

2. Scott Kingery (2B) ... 5-10, 180 ... R/R ... 23 ... 2015 (2) University of Arizona
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016Clearwater (FSL)375.293/.360/.4118860.613/26
2016Reading (East)156.250/.273/.3333770.142/4
2017Reading (East)278.313/.379/.6089820.5518/19
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)265.294/.337/.4495780.228/10
2018Philadelphia (NL)452.226/.267/.3385720.198/10
Comments: Increased strength led to across-board-improvement. Features a simple swing that peppers the whole field, but now able to turn on drivable pitches, which fueled power boost. Can still expand zone, but top-of-the-order potential with good speed and instincts that point to SB. Excellent defender with exceptional range, steady glove and strong arm.

Development Path: Most likely to start in Triple-A to polish up plate approach as Phillies clear up their second base situation. But is nearly ready and will soon reunite with J.P. Crawford as the team's MIF of the future.

Fantasy Impact: If the power is real—and it continued throughout his breakout 2017—then the upside is significant, with some .280, 20/20 years on the horizon. Very good chance he ends up something akin to Ian Kinsler.

Upside Grade: 9D

3. J.P. Crawford (SS) ... 6-2, 180 ... L/R ... 23 ... 2013 (1) HS (CA)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)474.243/.351/.40514800.8115/5
2018GCL Phillies (GCL)1.000/.800/.0008004.000/0
2018Clearwater (FSL)42.143/.265/.23814670.501/0
2018Lehigh Valley (IL)58.259/.358/.3798710.291/1
2018Philadelphia (NL)117.214/.319/.39310680.353/2
Comments: Lost some prospect luster due to lethargic first half (.211/.328/.330 with inconsistent defense). Looked much better in July/August, when he was driving the ball into gaps, and earned his MLB debut in Sept. At his best, owns excellent batting eye, doubles power, some speed and premium SS defense. Could take some time to adjust to MLB pitching.

Development Path: Ready to help MLB club, and Galvis trade paves the way for him to take over SS on Opening Day. Overcoming adversity in 2017 first half a very good sign. Showed ability in September callup to help at other positions, but should not need that now.

Fantasy Impact: Though he doesn't possess tools for big HR power or SB totals, the approach and hit tool could create a foundation for some upside. Projects as solid regular, but unlikely to be star-level for fantasy purposes.

Upside Grade: 8B

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4. Adonis Medina (RHP) ... 6-1, 185 ... 21 ... 2014 FA (DR)
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)45.12.981.1902.
2016Williamsport (NYPL)64.22.921.1003.
2017Lakewood (SAL)
2018Clearwater (FSL)
Comments: Strikeout rate rose, as did nearly all parts of his arsenal. FB now sits 93-95 with heavy arm-side run. Hard SL with big break became an out pitch, and showed great arm speed on his CU that got both swings and misses and weak contact. With excellent control and outstanding athleticism, he has a solid foundation.

Development Path: Medina will start at High-A Clearwater, where he and Sixto Sanchez will make that an affiliate to watch. Just 21 years old, but could end up in Double-A by season's end.

Fantasy Impact: Impressive ingredients for Low-A, and if he continues to develop, could extend to a #2 upside. Several years away, but should be a plus-strikeout starter with good ratios.

Upside Grade: 9C

5. Jorge Alfaro (C) ... 6-2, 185 ... R/R ... 24 ... 2010 FA (CB)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)4.500/.667/.750010000/0
2016Reading (East)404.285/.325/.4585740.2115/3
2016Philadelphia (NL)16.125/.176/.1256500.130/0
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)324.241/.291/.3585650.147/1
2017Philadelphia (NL)107.318/.360/.5143690.095/0
Comments: Owns impressive all-fields power for both gap doubles and long HR. But shaky plate approach—both in ball/strike recognition and contact issues—will cap his short-term results. Struggles with off-speed pitches, especially low and away. Despite cannon arm and quick release, overall defense and game-calling also need significant polish.

Development Path: Alfaro is out of options, so will be on MLB 25-man roster. As the catcher of the future, he'll likely get as many reps as possible—unfortunate, since his defense is in need of more refinement. He'll need to work on improving pitch recognition/contact at the big league level.

Fantasy Impact: It's exactly the type of power bat you want at catcher, but the big question: Will his approach and defensive issues allow it? He'll run into 12-15 HR, but at least early in his career, he's unlikely to be a BA asset.

Upside Grade: 8C

6. Jhailyn Ortiz (OF) ... 6-3, 235 ... R/R ... 19 ... 2015 FA (DR)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)173.231/.325/.4349690.328/8
2017Williamsport (NYPL)159.302/.401/.56010700.388/5
2018Lakewood (SAL)405.225/.297/.3758630.2413/2
Comments: Physically developed for teenager, uses broad shoulders and thick trunk for easy all-fields power. Can be too aggressive, reaching for pitches he can't handle, but also takes walks and hit tool much better than anticipated. Though body will need monitoring, surprised with agility in RF and even stole a couple bases. Power, youth equals big upside.

Development Path: Will take it slow, but definitely ready for full-season ball. Has the skill set to take off developmentally if can clean up some swing/miss. Understands the game and takes well to instruction. An outfielder for now, though 1B is an option later if additional physical maturity slows him down.

Fantasy Impact: Could be significant, as the raw package is a classic RF power bat with on-base ability. Could be a middle-of-the-order, 25+ HR guy into the next decade.

Upside Grade: 9C

7. Franklyn Kilome (RHP) ... 6-6, 175 ... 22 ... 2014 FA (DR)
2016Lakewood (SAL)114.23.851.4203.910.22.6.247
2017Clearwater (FSL)97.12.591.3703.
2017Reading (East)29.23.641.3504.
2018Reading (East)
2018Binghamton (East)
Comments: Though got to Double-A, was stagnant overall as Dom dipped; FB command didn't materialize. Despite tall frame, can struggle to get downhill plane. FB 93-95, but can get flat. CB a sharp 12-6 out pitch; CU has improved; new SL gives him fourth offering. Still projectable, but lack of quality strikes, swing/miss questions has lowered his ceiling.

Development Path: Kilome is still a very good SP prospect, but needs innings to work on setting up hitters and maintaining composure when things go awry. Best case is he gets a full year at Double-A where he develops FB command to set up his secondary offerings. Durability has not been a concern.

Fantasy Impact: Still a mid-rotation base, as has the frame to take on more strength and innings which give him some additional upside. But finding consistency will be key; could end up with Vince Velasquez-type numbers (and issues) in a couple years.

Upside Grade: 8C

8. Adam Haseley (OF) ... 6-1, 195 ... L/L ... 21 ... 2017 (1) University of Virginia
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2017Virginia (ACC)223.390/.491/.65916912.1014/10
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)12.583/.643/.83314750.670/1
2017Williamsport (NYPL)137.270/.350/.3809800.502/5
2018Clearwater (FSL)330.300/.343/.4155840.355/7
2018Reading (East)136.316/.403/.47811860.846/0
Comments: Two-way player at UVA, looked worn down by end of 2017. Makes up for unconventional swing mechanics with bat speed, but crouch-and-fire setup could limit power. Shows patience, contact and some foot speed, though fringy routes and average arm might move him to a corner OF. Well-rounded, but lacks a standout tool of many first rounders.

Development Path: Some feel there's more strength to come, and that his hit tool will flourish by training only as a hitter. But there's a chance he may be a tweener profile—hardly enough power for a corner OF, and not enough defense for CF. He'll likely go to High-A Clearwater in 2018.

Fantasy Impact: More of an inside-out, gap-to-gap hitter right now, which will soften his fantasy impact, even if the hit tool becomes plus with more reps. Expect a solid BA with mid-teens HR, perhaps something along the lines of Nick Markakis.

Upside Grade: 8C

9. Seranthony Dominguez (RHP) ... 6-1, 183 ... 23 ... 2012 FA (DR)
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)
2017Clearwater (FSL)62.13.611.3004.310.82.5.214
2018Reading (East)
2018Lehigh Valley (IL)
2018Philadelphia (NL)58.02.950.9300.00.00.155
Comments: Bumped velocity up to mid-90s, and continued to get swings and misses on his lively FB. Breaking ball also has plus potential and CU flashes average. It's a strong package of stuff, and his repeatable delivery points to future command. But health woes have limited his innings, and will likely determine future role. Injury-free, he's an upside play.

Development Path: Dominguez will move up to AA-Reading to work on FB command and CU development. But staying healthy is paramount: 2017's 67.2 IP was a career high, and at 23, it's time to prove he can withstand the rigors of a full season. Two potential plus pitches makes the bullpen a fallback option.

Fantasy Impact: He's a strikeout pitcher, which would give him some value as a late-inning reliever. But with enough health, best case would be low #2 SP upside; think Danny Salazar-type numbers.

Upside Grade: 8C

10. Francisco Morales (RHP) ... 6-4, 185 ... 18 ... 2017 FA (VZ)
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)
2018Williamsport (NYPL)
Comments: Big fish in 2016 international market, he didn't disappoint in first stateside action, boasting a FB that touched 96 with a hard SL. Also has the beginnings of a good change-up. The body is lean and projectable, delivery is mostly clean, and he has a sense of sequencing. Oozes upside, but far away.

Development Path: PHI will likely take its time with the teenager. Though if he gains more strength on that frame and FB velocity grows, and the offspeed continues to develop, it will be difficult to keep Morales challenged. He'll probably end up in short-season, but low-A is not out of the question.

Fantasy Impact: It's a long way off, but the current body/stuff/pitchability combination is dream-worthy. Mid-rotation with good strikeout rates for sure, and some evaluators project a front-line starter.

Upside Grade: 9E

11. Daniel Brito (2B) ... 6-1, 155 ... L/R ... 20 ... 2014 FA (VZ)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)190.284/.355/.42110860.782/7
2017Lakewood (SAL)447.239/.298/.3187790.356/12
2018Lakewood (SAL)329.252/.309/.3408810.424/15
2018Clearwater (FSL)92.250/.300/.3486790.320/1
Comments: Hit ground running in April, but production tailed off noticeably as aggressive approach got the best of him. Can sting a FB with nice barrel control, and has a live body, but got himself out against soft stuff. Some added strength would be a welcome addition. Athletic defender with great lateral first step and enough arm to turn DP.

Development Path: Played 2017 as 19-year-old in full season ball, so it was a challenge. The upshot is he held his own, showed some flashes of hit and pop, even if he wore down later in the season. But there's time to develop some better plate skills and hopefully grow into some power. He's likely to move to High-A.

Fantasy Impact: There is an intriguing fantasy mix of speed/hit/power in Brito's profile, especially if he adds some strength to his frame. It could look like a .280/15/15 second baseman if it all comes together, but the risk is still high given his youth and inexperience.

Upside Grade: 8D

12. Mickey Moniak (OF) ... 6-2, 185 ... L/R ... 19 ... 2016 (1) HS (CA) ... #15, 2016 HQ100
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)176.284/.340/.4096800.311/10
2017Lakewood (SAL)466.236/.284/.3416770.265/11
2018Clearwater (FSL)433.270/.304/.3835770.225/6
Comments: Disappointing season for former 1-1 pick, and not just the laggard stat line. Consistently struggled to square up pitches, often off-balance and lunging at breaking balls, and LHP ate him up (.484 OPS). Still young with some physical projection remaining; was an adequate defender in CF. But needs to improve pitch recognition and quality of contact.

Development Path: Upon being drafted, Moniak's pure hit tool was the selling point, but that didn't show up in his first round of full-season ball. At points, he wore his frustration on his sleeve. Whether that's part of the learning process or a flaw is still TBD. He's likely to return to Low-A in 2018 to find out.

Fantasy Impact: Frankly, it's a bit up in the air. Much too young to write off, but his current swing is geared for line drives more than big power, and his speed might only net 10-12 bags per year.

Upside Grade: 8E

13. JoJo Romero (LHP) ... 5-11, 190 ... 21 ... 2016 (4) University of Nevada
2016Williamsport (NYPL)45.22.561.2002.
2017Lakewood (SAL)
2017Clearwater (FSL)
2018Reading (East)106.23.801.2900.00.00.233
Comments: Four-pitch lefty whose stuff doesn't wow, but polish and command does. FB sits low-90s, but cuts and sinks it at will. Keeps CU down, sells it well and gets swings/misses and soft contact. SL has similar plus potential, and also throws a get-me-over CB. Compact, repeatable delivery and advanced sequencing round out a potential mid-rotation package.

Development Path: With Sanchez, Medina and Kilome in the system, Romero flies a bit under the radar. But the intangibles here—pitchability, command of his arsenal, outstanding athleticism—make him a safe bet to contribute to the MLB club soon, perhaps even late in 2018. He'll head to AA-Reading first.

Fantasy Impact: This is a floor-over-ceiling prospect, and he is a bit undersized, so his durability will be tested. Strikeout rate will likely decline as he moves up, but smarts and ability induce GB/weak contact could give him a future. Probably only deep-NL league material at this point.

Upside Grade: 7B

14. Spencer Howard (RHP) ... 6-3, 185 ... 21 ... 2017 (2) Cal Poly
2017Cal Poly (BigWe)87.21.951.0802.410.04.2.215
2017Williamsport (NYPL)28.14.451.4105.712.72.2.206
2018Lakewood (SAL)112.03.781.2600.00.00.231
Comments: Four-pitch collegian who improved as the season went on. Sturdily built, he pitches off a lively FB/deceptive CU combination that produces swings and misses. Breaking stuff still needs work, and though delivery is clean, he can lose his release point at times. Solid foundation, just needs reps.

Development Path: He's fairly polished, but needs to sharpen either his CB or SL to be effective at higher levels. He'll start 2018 in full-season ball, and High-A is not out of the question. His path to the majors should not be long.

Fantasy Impact: While not a top of rotation guy, his ability to pitch up in the zone should give him some strikeout value, along with a good ERA/WHIP. If one of his breaking balls develops into an "out" pitch, his ceiling would be a bit higher.

Upside Grade: 7C

15. Enyel De Los Santos (RHP) ... 6-0, 170 ... 22 ... 2015 FA (DR)
2016Fort Wayne (Midw)52.22.910.9902.
2016Lake Elsinore (Calif)68.14.351.3803.
2017San Antonio (Tex)150.03.781.1902.
2018Lehigh Valley (IL)126.22.631.1600.00.00.215
2018Philadelphia (NL)19.04.741.4200.00.00.250
Comments: Came over in the Galvis trade. Skinny and high-waisted, he has solid #4, innings-eating potential. Produces 92-94 FB with little effort; can hit 97. CU will flash above-average with fade and slow-bending CB projects as usable third pitch. Hits his spots and will not be a Ctl liability. Keeps ball on the ground and succeeds despite lack of Dom.

Development Path: De Los Santos was one of the most productive pitchers in the Texas League last season at 21 years old. Should start 2018 with AAA Lehigh Valley, and potentially could grab a few MLB spot starts along the way. But expect him to fetch a more meaningful full-time role in 2019.

Fantasy Impact: The upside here isn't as high as most arms in the system, but De Los Santos has the look of a quality back-end starter with average Dom potential, plus Ctl production and an ability to keep the ball in the yard as he racks up innings long-term.

Upside Grade: 7B

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