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2017 Organization Report: Philadelphia Phillies

by Brent Hershey

Organization Grades

Hitting: B+ ... Pitching: B+ ... Top-end Talent: B ... Depth: A ... Overall: B+

Minor League Affiliates

Triple-A: Lehigh Valley (International League)
Double-A: Reading (Eastern League)
High-A: Clearwater (Florida State League)
Low-A: Lakewood (South Atlantic League)
Short-season: Williamsport (New York Penn League)
Rookie: GCL Phillies (Gulf Coast League)

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1. J.P. Crawford (SS) ... 6-2, 180 ... L/R ... 22 ... 2013 (1) HS (CA)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Clearwater (FSL)79.392/.489/.44315891.561/5
2016Reading (East)136.265/.398/.39018851.433/5
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)336.244/.328/.31811820.714/7
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)474.243/.351/.40514800.8115/5
2017Philadelphia (NL)70.214/.356/.30019690.730/1
Comments: Hit a speedbump at Triple-A, though maintained solid plate control. At times struggled to stay back on pitches and drive them. Overall, excellent athleticism results in smooth LH swing that should result in moderate power. Average runner with a plus arm and instincts on defense. With a bit more polish at the plate, he'll soon be a lineup staple.

Development Path: Played all 2015 as one of youngest in AAA; that his strike zone awareness held up a very good sign. Will return to AAA, where Phillies will look for him to adjust with the bat in his hands, which he's done in the past. Will likely debut in midseason.

Fantasy Impact: Lacks the one outstanding fantasy tool, but as a potential .285/12/60/20 guy at his peak, should have plenty of steady, multi-category value. Best case: Francisco Lindor Lite.

Upside Grade: 8A

2. Jorge Alfaro (C) ... 6-2, 185 ... R/R ... 23 ... 2010 FA (CB)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)4.500/.667/.750010000/0
2016Reading (East)404.285/.325/.4585740.2115/3
2016Philadelphia (NL)16.125/.176/.1256500.130/0
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)324.241/.291/.3585650.147/1
2017Philadelphia (NL)107.318/.360/.5143690.095/0
Comments: Stayed healthy in much-needed full year of development at AA. Ball jumps off his bat to all fields; can both shoot the gaps and send it over the fence. Bat speed and raw power is muted some by swing-and-miss and tendency to expand strike zone. Has the arm/release to shut down the running game.

Development Path: Blocking/receiving has developed to the point where the talk of a position change is all but gone. Still could use polish in game calling/framing—as well focusing on better contact—at AAA, where he'll start the year. But could be ready for MLB by the end of the season.

Fantasy Impact: Given his position, could be significant. Won't happen right away, but could go .270 with 20 HR in his prime, with a chance for more power if he can continue to reduce his strikeout rate.

Upside Grade: 8B

3. Mickey Moniak (OF) ... 6-2, 185 ... L/R ... 18 ... 2016 (1) HS (CA)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)176.284/.340/.4096800.311/10
2017Lakewood (SAL)466.236/.284/.3416770.265/11
Comments: Sweet-swinging lefty was drafted #1 overall and is touted as the Phillies' CF of the future. Exceptional bat-to-ball ability, with a plus run tool and outstanding defender. Lean frame at present, but hopes are that with added strength/growth, additional power would emerge. Potential top-of-the-order hitter.

Development Path: Struck out more than anticipated in GCL, but seem to tire down the stretch. Draws praise for work ethic and baseball IQ. Showed enough to likely report to Low-A Lakewood for his first full season in 2017.

Fantasy Impact: Because of questions about his power projection, could end up a more valuable player in real life than in fantasy. Though with a plus BA, some SB and a CF defensive profile, his floor is something in the Lorenzo Cain mold.

Upside Grade: 8C

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4. Franklyn Kilome (RHP) ... 6-6, 175 ... 21 ... 2013 FA (DR)
2014GCL Phillies (GCL)
2015Williamsport (NYPL)
2016Lakewood (SAL)114.23.851.4203.910.22.6.247
2017Clearwater (FSL)97.12.591.3703.
2017Reading (East)29.23.641.3504.
Comments: Tall and lean, uses height to his advantage with downhill plane on mid-90s FB and a potential plus CB. High leg kick and 3/4s slot adds deception. Adjusted from three disastrous April outings; better control, more Ks and GBs followed. Moves FB in/out well. Has frame to take on good weight, which could add another velo tick.

Development Path: Inconsistent CU, along with throwing strikes, will be key to whether he fulfills #2 starter upside, or becomes a late-inning weapon in the bullpen. Will continue to be stretched out at High-A in 2017.

Fantasy Impact: Tools and frame here to suck up innings at big-league level, while providing big strikeout numbers along with weak contact. And if third pitch doesn't develop, could be impact reliever.

Upside Grade: 9C

5. Adonis Medina (RHP) ... 6-1, 185 ... 20 ... 2014 FA (DR)
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)45.12.981.1902.
2016Williamsport (NYPL)64.22.921.1003.
2017Lakewood (SAL)
Comments: Pairs a mid-90s, heavy FB with two breaking pitches—a slower CB and a vicious, late-breaking SL. Also shows a feel for his CU. With a simple, repeatable delivery, an athletic build and advanced approach, his upside is higher than stats might suggest. Should register more strikeouts at higher levels.

Development Path: He's still a teenager, so the Phillies are understandably taking it slow. But he's ready for full-season ball at Low-A and if his fastball command and game efficiency—he's a GB machine—continues, the club will likely begin to challenge him at higher levels.

Fantasy Impact: He's still far away, but he checks a lot of boxes: young with success, athletic and durable, open to instruction, features a 4-pitch arsenal. #2 starter upside, with a touch less risk than other short-season candidates.

Upside Grade: 9D

6. Sixto Sanchez (RHP) ... 5-10, 160 ... 18 ... 2015 FA (DR)
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)54.00.500.7601.
2017Lakewood (SAL)67.12.410.8201.
2017Clearwater (FSL)27.24.551.3002.
Comments: A pop-up guy dominated the GCL (just 3 ER in 11 starts). Generates an explosive mid-90s FB with life and sink; secondaries include promising CB and CU, along with a hard SL that he added late in the season. All garner both strikeouts and weak contact. Repeats simple, athletic delivery, which fuels uncanny command. It's a very high ceiling.

Development Path: Owns pitchability, poise and ability to change speeds far ahead of classic rookie-baller. Still a teenager, but will likely team with Medina to form a high-upside full-season Lakewood rotation in 2017.

Fantasy Impact: Sanchez is far away from the majors and untested, but it's a #2 upside with lots of Ks, excellent control, and an efficiency to go deep into games.

Upside Grade: 9D

7. Nick Williams (OF) ... 6-3, 195 ... L/L ... 23 ... 2012 (2) HS (TX)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Reading (East)97.320/.340/.5363790.154/3
2015Frisco (Tex)378.299/.357/.4798800.4213/10
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)497.258/.287/.4274730.1413/6
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)282.280/.328/.5115680.1815/5
2017Philadelphia (NL)313.288/.338/.4736690.2112/1
Comments: Gifted with elite physical tools (fast hands, bat speed, footspeed), his shoddy plate approach returned in 2016 and put his once-lofty projection at risk. Still has considerable BA and HR potential due to his fluid swing, but pitch recognition has been a challenge. Has shown solid defensive skills as an OF corner.

Development Path: He'll return to Triple-A to work on both better contact/selectivity, as well as the mental side of the game. The tools are all there, but Williams needs the "reset" button as much as anyone in minor-league baseball. Still young for the level.

Fantasy Impact: The range of outcomes has widened, along with his risk. Has the bat to be both a plus-BA and solid HR contributor, but he's more raw than most players at the Triple-A level.

Upside Grade: 8C

8. Roman Quinn (OF) ... 5-10, 170 ... S/R ... 23 ... 2011 (2) HS (FL)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Reading (East)232.306/.356/.4357820.434/29
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)22.500/.522/.5914860.330/5
2016Reading (East)286.287/.361/.4419760.446/31
2016Philadelphia (NL)57.263/.373/.33312670.420/5
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)175.274/.344/.3899720.372/10
Comments: Enough patience to get on base; enough bat control and pop to get hits; an embarrassment of speed to cause havoc once on. Not been able to stay healthy during any minor league season. Outfield play improving; held his own during Sept. MLB cameo. Electric player fraught with risk.

Development Path: Despite not having many MiLB AB, Quinn looked ready in September and will challenge for an OF spot, where he would make sense at the top of the PHI lineup. Could also put additional time in at AAA.

Fantasy Impact: Health makes Quinn a huge risk/reward play in 2017. If somehow he got 600 MLB AB, Quinn has the tools for something along the lines of .275 BA/.350 OBA and 50 SB (roughly Jonathan Villar without the power). But Quinn's career high in AB is 365. Safer to bet against.

Upside Grade: 8C

9. Dylan Cozens (OF) ... 6-6, 235 ... L/L ... 22 ... 2012 (2) HS (AZ)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)15.200/.200/.2670730.000/0
2015Clearwater (FSL)365.282/.335/.4117780.335/18
2015Reading (East)40.350/.386/.6257830.433/2
2016Reading (East)521.276/.350/.59110640.3340/21
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)476.210/.301/.41811590.3027/8
Comments: The power clicked, as he let it fly and led the minors in HR. But important caveats exist: his home park is a bandbox (on the road: just 11 HR, .766 OPS); and he struck out 186 times. The ball jumps off his bat to all fields, his swing has improved, but is there enough contact? It's a classic RF profile, and he has chipped in a bunch of SB, too.

Development Path: There's more risk here than most players heading to AAA. Pitchers were busting him inside later in the season, and he struggled to get his long arms around on velocity. Though he has a solid bb%, pitch recognition still is a problem. Continued exposure to high-level pitching will be a good thing.

Fantasy Impact: The power tool is elite, which makes him fantasy relevant, but unaddressed, the contact woes won't give him a chance to get to it. He is athletic for such a huge man. He could become Adam Dunn (enough HR to overcome the Ks) ... or, more likely, Russell Branyan.

Upside Grade: 9D

10. Corneilus Randolph (OF) ... 5-11, 205 ... L/R ... 19 ... 2015 (1) HS (GA)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)172.302/.425/.44216811.001/7
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)12.083/.214/.08314750.670/0
2016Lakewood (SAL)241.274/.355/.35710760.462/5
2017Clearwater (FSL)440.250/.338/.40211720.4413/7
Comments: Pure hitter lost two months with a shoulder/back injury. Was swinging much better by the end of the season. Lightning hands create great bat speed, and he has simple hitting mechanics, along with pitch recognition beyond his years. The question is how much power he'll generate. Still learning the OF, and is a good athlete despite a thick build.

Development Path: He might return to Low-A to start, but should be in High-A by year's end. Needs to work on driving the ball to the opposite field and into the gaps. Plus hit tool mechanics provide a great place to start. Also needs to continue to polish up his defense.

Fantasy Impact: Without a big power surge, Randolph looks more like a hit-before-HR LF, as he has neither the arm for RF or speed/instincts for CF. He could offer a plus BA and mid-teens HR production on an annual basis.

Upside Grade: 8D

11. Jhailyn Ortiz (OF) ... 6-3, 235 ... R/R ... 18 ... 2015 FA (DR)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)173.231/.325/.4349690.328/8
2017Williamsport (NYPL)159.302/.401/.56010700.388/5
Comments: Huge physical kid with broad shoulders and developed lower half. Plus-plus raw power that showed up in first pro exposure. Has bat speed, but swing can get long and like many teenagers, will need to work on recognizing spin. High upside. Adequate in RF now, but more likely to end up at 1B as body matures.

Development Path: Surprising that he was assigned to GCL at 17; held his own before tiring down the stretch. Needs reps; will probably end up in short-season Williamsport after extended spring training. It's unlikely that Ortiz gets to the majors until next decade.

Fantasy Impact: Ortiz likely has as much raw power as anyone in the system, and could evolve into a 25+ HR bat. The key will be if he makes enough contact to realize it. He aced the first quiz, but the end of the semester is a long ways off.

Upside Grade: 9D

12. Mark Appel (RHP) ... 6-4, 195 ... 25 ... 2013 (1) Stanford University
2015Corpus Christi (Tex)
2015Fresno (PCL)68.14.481.3903.
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)38.14.461.5704.
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)
Comments: Season cut short by shoulder injury and then elbow surgery (bone spurs). In eight starts, control problems worsened, starting with sloppy FB command. What once was a promising three-pitch (SL and CU) arsenal looked only average. Good size, and still has velocity, but needs better results with runners on base. Which could quell the bullpen talk.

Development Path: At 25 years old, the time has come to step up. Should be healthy for spring training, and will attempt to rediscover his promise back in the AAA rotation. He's likely to debut at some point in 2017.

Fantasy Impact: Inconsistency and increased walk numbers have moved his needle down to mid-rotation expectations. He'll get some Ks, but likely with include a rough WHIP and only an average ERA.

Upside Grade: 8C

13. Scott Kingery (2B) ... 5-10, 180 ... R/R ... 22 ... 2015 (2) University of Arizona
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Arizona (Pac12)237.392/.423/.5614920.505/11
2016Clearwater (FSL)375.293/.360/.4118860.613/26
2016Reading (East)156.250/.273/.3333770.142/4
2017Reading (East)278.313/.379/.6089820.5518/19
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)265.294/.337/.4495780.228/10
Comments: Small frame, but has shown doubles power out of a clean, short RH stroke. Has excellent bat control, which had led to very good contact rates, but won't flash much over-the-fence power. Excellent range at second base with average arm, and can turn DP. Puts speed to good use on the basepaths.

Development Path: Hit wall at AA, as both patience and contact took a dive after mid-season promotion. Also started slow in first assignment in 2015, and is a grinder type who has adjusted in the past. He'll return to AA to start 2017.

Fantasy Impact: Stolen bases are the main attraction here, though if he hits enough, a good eye could lead to a solid OBP. If he hits near the top of the lineup, he'll have some runs-scored value.

Upside Grade: 7C

14. Rhys Hoskins (1B) ... 6-4, 215 ... R/R ... 24 ... 2014 (5) Sacramento State
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Lakewood (SAL)255.322/.397/.5259800.529/2
2015Clearwater (FSL)243.317/.394/.51011800.598/2
2016Reading (East)498.281/.377/.56612750.5738/8
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)401.284/.385/.58114810.8529/4
2017Philadelphia (NL)170.259/.396/.61818730.8018/2
Comments: Has continued to hit—and with power—at each step. Some stiffness to his swing, is pull-happy, and has trouble tracking quality breaking stuff. But is patient enough to get into FB counts, will take a walk, and has light-tower strength. Lack of speed and only average defense limits his overall projection, so he'll need to keep producing in the box.

Development Path: Reading inflated his HR total, but L/R and home/road splits were much better than fellow basher Dylan Cozens. In AAA, Hoskins will be challenged by pitchers better at locating off-speed. He's made adjustments so far, but will likely need to prove his worth one more time. With progress, ETA is 2018.

Fantasy Impact: Because limited defensive profile, the best-case scenario is a second-division first baseman (or perhaps DH). He'll supply some HR/RBI production and league-average BA. Think along the lines of the recent Ryan Zimmerman seasons.

Upside Grade: 7C

15. Jose Pujols (OF) ... 6-3, 175 ... R/R ... 21 ... 2012 FA (DR)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2014GCL Phillies (GCL)151.232/.291/.4117640.225/1
2015Williamsport (NYPL)256.238/.311/.3599680.314/5
2016Lakewood (SAL)498.241/.306/.4408640.2524/5
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)0.000/.000/.0000000/0
2017Clearwater (FSL)325.194/.247/.3057540.158/2
Comments: Showed off his immense power; led the SAL in HR—but also in Ks. Power now ranges from pole to pole, coming from incredible bat speed and a loose, fluid swing. But can too often become unbalanced on soft stuff low/away, and attempts to hit pitches he can't get to. Defense has improved and has a strong RF arm. Exciting package, but still very raw.

Development Path: Puljos is still lean/lanky; power projection could actually improve if he added strength. But improving his plate discipline and pitch recognition is even more important. There's still time for it, but it's also why he's a one-level-at-a-time guy for now. He'll start 2017 at Hi-A.

Fantasy Impact: Three possible outcomes, from least to most likely: 1) Contact woes improve significantly, becomes a fantasy monster. 2) Hit tool never improves, never get out of high minors. 3) Contact become passable, turns into a low-BA, HR-hitting strikeout machine (recent Ryan Howard).

Upside Grade: 8D

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