Organization Reports


2016 Organization Report: Philadelphia Phillies

by Brent Hershey

Organization Grades

Hitting: B+ ... Pitching: B ... Top-end Talent: B ... Depth: A ... Overall: B+

Minor League Affiliates

Triple-A: Lehigh Valley (International League)
Double-A: Reading (Eastern League)
High-A: Clearwater (Florida State League)
Low-A: Lakewood (South Atlantic League)
Short-season: Williamsport (New York Penn League)
Rookie: GCL Phillies (Gulf Coast League)

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1. J.P. Crawford (SS) ... 6-2, 180 ... L/R ... 21 ... 2013 (1) HS (CA) ... #4, 2016 HQ100
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Clearwater (FSL)79.392/.489/.44315891.561/5
2016Reading (East)136.265/.398/.39018851.433/5
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)336.244/.328/.31811820.714/7
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)474.243/.351/.40514800.8115/5
2017Philadelphia (NL)70.214/.356/.30019690.730/1
Comments: One of baseball’s top prospects; features the instincts and field awareness, along with range, arm and hands necessary for a top SS. Advanced hit tool starts with pitch recognition and knowledge of the strike zone; works deep counts and rarely chases. Plus bat speed, smooth left-handed swing hits gaps now, but should mature into moderate power.

Development Path: Will open at Triple-A; but has moved quickly and could see MLB time as soon as June. Has acumen to adjust on the fly; likely to occupy SS in Philadelphia for the better part of a decade.

Fantasy Impact: Without huge power or speed, Crawford won't reach the level of Correa/Lindor as far as fantasy value. But he'll likely hit near .300, be an OBP monster, provide double-digit HR and 20 or so steals at his peak.

Upside Grade: 9B

2. Nick Williams (OF) ... 6-3, 195 ... L/L ... 22 ... 2012 (2) HS (TX) ... #31, 2016 HQ100
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Reading (East)97.320/.340/.5363790.154/3
2015Frisco (Tex)378.299/.357/.4798800.4213/10
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)497.258/.287/.4274730.1413/6
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)282.280/.328/.5115680.1815/5
2017Philadelphia (NL)313.288/.338/.4736690.2112/1
Comments: Quick hands and exceptional bat speed are the hallmarks of his high BA and above-average power. Tamed his aggressive, swing-at-everything approach and became complete hitter in 2015, which raises his ceiling and HR potential a tick. Speed shows up in the field chasing down flyballs and on basepaths.

Development Path: With his natural hitting ability established before this season, the improvements in pitch selectivity in 2015 are notable, though they regressed after the trade. He still needs to repeat in Triple-A this season, but will not be long for the minors if it continues.

Fantasy Impact: The tools are here for a high-BA player who will top .300 several times in his career. His bat speed and strength should also lend to multiple 20-HR seasons, and double-digit steals will be a part of his game early in his career, too. Could be a very valuable fantasy player.

Upside Grade: 8B

3. Mark Appel (RHP) ... 6-4, 195 ... 24 ... 2013 (1) Stanford University ... #60, 2016 HQ100
2015Corpus Christi (Tex)
2015Fresno (PCL)68.14.481.3903.
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)38.14.461.5704.
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)
Comments: Tall, durable SP with raw ingredients and power to be top of rotation guy. Has yet to find consistency in arsenal despite three average to plus pitches. Uses height to pitch downhill and keep ball on ground. Uses FB and power SL to register Ks. CU shows flashes of being above average, but can telegraph pitch by slowing arm. Still has upside.

Development Path: The chances of him breaking camp with the Phillies is slim, but he should get to the majors at some point in 2016. He will likely return to Triple-A to begin the season and hope to locate some semblance of consistency. Range of possible outcomes still wide.

Fantasy Impact: As Appel owns top-of-the-rotation stuff, he could be a significant contributor in any fantasy category. His ERA has been a disappointment thus far, but he could turn that around and also maintain a very high strikeout rate.

Upside Grade: 9D

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4. Jake Thompson (RHP) ... 6-4, 235 ... 22 ... 2012 (2) HS (TX) ... #46, 2016 HQ100
2015Frisco (Tex)87.24.721.4103.
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)129.22.501.1002.
2016Philadelphia (NL)53.25.701.5104.
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)
2017Philadelphia (NL)46.13.881.5504.
Comments: He seemed to stall at Double-A early in the season, but flourished after trade to Philadelphia. Arsenal highlighted by heavy low-90s fastball and a plus slider, but also used change-up, curveball for a four-pix mix. Walks too many and continues to have trouble with left handed bats, but has a durable frame and projects as a mid-rotation starter.

Development Path: Will likely head to Triple-A to begin 2016 and attempt to put together a solid year from start to finish. Should get his chance to debut in 2016.

Fantasy Impact: Has the size to hold up under 200-IP seasons, and with FB/SL combination, should get plenty of Ks. Development of change-up to combat LHH is key: ERA and WHIP will be much better if he can find a weapon to combat LHH.

Upside Grade: 8C

5. Roman Quinn (OF) ... 5-10, 170 ... B/R ... 22 ... 2011 (2) HS (FL)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Reading (East)232.306/.356/.4357820.434/29
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)22.500/.522/.5914860.330/5
2016Reading (East)286.287/.361/.4419760.446/31
2016Philadelphia (NL)57.263/.373/.33312670.420/5
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)175.274/.344/.3899720.372/10
Comments: An exciting table-setter with top-shelf speed, injuries have cut into development time. But when healthy, is a disruptive force on the bases. Also has a discerning eye at the plate. Small but strong, has surprising sting in his bat, especially as LHH, where he shoots the gaps and takes extra bases. Progressing with better reads/routes in CF.

Development Path: Dynamic player, but has yet to log a 350-AB season as a pro, so staying healthy is task #1. Probably returns to Double-A at least to start, with a mid-season bump to Triple-A possible. Things to work on include polishing his patience and better swings as a RHH. He's system's best pure CFer.

Fantasy Impact: Given his hitting acumen and speed, Quinn could be a classic leadoff hitter who hits well enough to get on base, and collects 40+ SB per season.

Upside Grade: 8C

6. Jorge Alfaro (C) ... 6-2, 185 ... R/R ... 22 ... 2010 FA (CB) ... #72, 2016 HQ100
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)4.500/.667/.750010000/0
2016Reading (East)404.285/.325/.4585740.2115/3
2016Philadelphia (NL)16.125/.176/.1256500.130/0
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)324.241/.291/.3585650.147/1
2017Philadelphia (NL)107.318/.360/.5143690.095/0
Comments: Lost significant development time in 2015 with ankle injury in June. Has elite arm behind the plate, but receiving skills lag behind. Has plus raw power and bat speed, but pitch recognition and contact issues have yet to improve. Potential impact C, but not as close as his experience might suggest.

Development Path: With prime athleticism, there have been whispers about moving him off C to either 1B or RF (where his cannon arm would be put to best non-C use). But he's still young enough that the Phillies will return him to AA to catch full-time in hopes of reaping the benefit of additional reps/instruction.

Fantasy Impact: If the hit tool and defense take a step forward, the result could be an All-Star level catcher with 20-HR seasons. If he ends up at another position, an average regular is the likely outcome, unless he cleans up his swing-and-miss.

Upside Grade: 8D

7. Cornelius Randolph (OF) ... 5-11, 205 ... L/R ... 18 ... 2015 (1) HS (GA)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)172.302/.425/.44216811.001/7
2016GCL Phillies (GCL)12.083/.214/.08314750.670/0
2016Lakewood (SAL)241.274/.355/.35710760.462/5
2017Clearwater (FSL)440.250/.338/.40211720.4413/7
Comments: Best pure hitter in the 2015 high school class. Has a enviable combination of elite bat speed, balanced approach and excellent plate discipline. Already uses entire field has good pitch recognition skills; home-run power is expected develop as he matures. Doesn't run well, and average arm limits him to LF, but the bat will carry him.

Development Path: Bat is ready for Low-A Lakewood, where as an 18-year-old, he's likely to be one of youngest players in the league. Once he proves he can handle the rigors of full-season ball, could move quickly due to advanced hitting skills. But still probably 3-4 years away.

Fantasy Impact: If power comes as he works his way through the system, could be middle-of-the-lineup force with both HR and BA ability, and significant on-base skills.

Upside Grade: 9D

8. Franklyn Kilome (RHP) ... 6-6, 175 ... 20 ... 2013 FA (DR)
2014GCL Phillies (GCL)
2015Williamsport (NYPL)
2016Lakewood (SAL)114.23.851.4203.910.22.6.247
2017Clearwater (FSL)97.12.591.3703.
2017Reading (East)29.23.641.3504.
Comments: Pumps considerable velocity out of his large frame, now sitting low-to-mid 90s. Uses leg drive to take pressure off the arm in his clean delivery that he's learning to repeat. Can locate FB to both sides; hard CB with plus potential is best secondary; and is continuing to refine the CU. Has shown the drive to improve at young age. Bright future.

Development Path: He's added velocity as his body has matured, and might not be done yet. The Phillies have taken him slow; he'll get his first taste of full-season ball in 2015. He's likely 3-4 years away.

Fantasy Impact: Probably the highest ceiling of any current Philadelphia pitching prospect; dreaming would lend you to #2 starter with lots of strikeouts, good WHIP/ERA, and repeated 200-IP seasons.

Upside Grade: 9D

9. Adonis Medina (RHP) ... 6-1, 185 ... 19 ... 2014 FA (DR)
2015GCL Phillies (GCL)45.12.981.1902.
2016Williamsport (NYPL)64.22.921.1003.
2017Lakewood (SAL)
Comments: As a teenager in GCL, his FB jumped from 89-90 upon signing in 2014 to 91-94 as he physically matured as it quickly became his best pitch. In addition, shows a feel for two secondaries that both have average-to-plus potential: a curveball and a deceptive change-up. Not the prototypical frame, but advanced offerings at his age oozes upside.

Development Path: He's still raw, and in dire need of repetitions, but scouts think his loose arm and athleticism will make the stuff even better as he develops his craft. He'll stay in extended spring training before heading out to short-season Williamsport.

Fantasy Impact: All about projection—and it's far away—but many see a top-end starter here with three plus pitches garnering gobs of strikeouts and very good ERA/WHIP.

Upside Grade: 9E

10. Andrew Knapp (C) ... 6-1, 175 ... B/R ... 24 ... 2013 (2) University of California
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2014Lakewood (SAL)283.290/.354/.4389750.385/3
2015Clearwater (FSL)244.262/.356/.36911740.462/0
2015Reading (East)214.360/.419/.6319800.5111/1
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)403.266/.330/.3908730.358/2
2017Philadelphia (NL)171.257/.368/.36815670.553/1
Comments: An unconscious Aug (8 HR, 1.227 OPS) skewed final results, but grades as slightly above average in both hit and power. Uses whole field w/ short LH stroke, often sending balls to the gaps. As RHH, loses some punch; can become impatient and chase. Defense still a question mark; has improved with glove, but arm still suspect.

Development Path: A full season at AAA would aid in the "Can he catch?" question. Playing OF/1B a good bit in college, then TJ surgery in 2013 have limited his C reps. Athletic enough to move off catcher (likely to OF), but probably lacks the pop necessary to hold down a starting COR OF role in majors.

Fantasy Impact: Role matters, but let's assume catcher. Though he's not as prolific with bat as AA numbers suggest, there's fantasy value here. Think something along the lines of Dioner Navarro; with a few peak seasons in the .275/12/60 range.

Upside Grade: 7B

11. Ricardo Pinto (RHP) ... 6-0, 165 ... 22 ... 2011 FA (VZ)
2015Lakewood (SAL)
2015Clearwater (FSL)78.12.871.0602.
2016Reading (East)
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)60.23.861.3002.
2017Philadelphia (NL)29.27.891.8905.
Comments: Success at both levels of A-ball in 2015. Low-90s FB can be straight, but commands it and earns plus marks. Likewise on CU; sells it by repeating arm speed and slot. SL flashes average; with more consistency, he'll have a solid mid-rotation arsenal. Pitches confidently, attacking hitters. Not much physical projection left.

Development Path: Pinto will move to Double-A Reading. Strikeout rate did dip a bit at High-A, so more advanced hitters of AA will be a test. Continued development of SL as a reliable breaking pitch will be key. Probably still two years away from the majors.

Fantasy Impact: Ceiling is a #3 starter with league-average strikeout rate, but good WHIP/ERA numbers due to plus control. Will likely need to add some strength/stamina to withstand 200-IP seasons.

Upside Grade: 8C

12. Scott Kingery (2B) ... 5-10, 180 ... R/R ... 21 ... 2015 (2) University of Arizona
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Arizona (Pac12)237.392/.423/.5614920.505/11
2016Clearwater (FSL)375.293/.360/.4118860.613/26
2016Reading (East)156.250/.273/.3333770.142/4
2017Reading (East)278.313/.379/.6089820.5518/19
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)265.294/.337/.4495780.228/10
Comments: Pure hitter that ranked near top of NCAA BA leaderboards in 2015. Lightning wrists can square up velocity; can also recognize spin. Short stroke produces hard line drives, and has enough speed to play the top of the lineup. Slight build, but good instincts and range at 2B; enough athleticism to move to OF if necessary.

Development Path: Rougher start than anticipated in Low-A; but as advanced college hitter, could also move quickly up the ranks and will likely go to high-A Clearwater. A "baseball rat" mentality and drive to improve will likely hasten his arrival. Could be the org's top 2B prospect.

Fantasy Impact: If it comes together in the pros, he's an offensive 2B in the Jason Kipnis mold (though Kingrey's power will only be league-average). Expect something along the lines of several seasons of .285-10-60-20.

Upside Grade: 8C

13. Zach Eflin (RHP) ... 6-4, 200 ... 21 ... 2012 (1) HS (FL)
2016Lehigh Valley (IL)68.12.900.8801.
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)
2017Clearwater (FSL)
2017Lehigh Valley (IL)43.14.571.4503.
2017Philadelphia (NL)
Comments: Generates grounders with heavy 2-seam FB best when it stays down in the zone. CU is next-best pitch, with good feel and drop. A reliable breaking ball is a work-in-progress; cutter-slider was replaced by mid-70s CB later in the season. He'll need one of them to get to average to fulfill his #3 ceiling.

Development Path: Eflin will move to Triple-A; FB/CU is effective but neither overpowering; best-case would be one of breaking pitches would evolve into a bat-misser. May need a full year at AAA to work on that development.

Fantasy Impact: Without more life or better command of FB or swing-and-miss breaking pitch, MLB results are likely to be only league-average. His control has improved, but has remained hittable through his rise. Could be innings-eater, but unlikely to be an impact SP.

Upside Grade: 7C

14. Jhailyn Ortiz (1B,OF) ... 6-3, 240 ... R/R ... 17 ... 2015 FA (DR)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2015Did not play in minors (na)0.000/.000/.0000000/0
Comments: Big-bodied already, teenager had best raw power in 2015 international class with combination of bat speed and strength. But tons of risk with high strikeout rates, including current ineptitude against breaking stuff. Will need to keep his body type in check as he matures, and could limit him to 1B in the future.

Development Path: Slow. Needs reps against live pitching, with an ability to recognize spin being the first goal. The Phillies will take their time with him; he may not play stateside for two more seasons. But given his thump, the payoff could be huge down the road.

Fantasy Impact: Lottery ticket at this point. The HR power is real and with enough contact, would be enough to hold down an MLB 1B job in the future. But the development of his hit tool in the short-term is key.

Upside Grade: 9E

15. Jose Pujols (OF) ... 6-3, 175 ... R/R ... 20 ... 2012 FA (DR)
YearTeam (LG)ABBA/OBP/Slgbb%ct% EyeHR/SB
2014GCL Phillies (GCL)151.232/.291/.4117640.225/1
2015Williamsport (NYPL)256.238/.311/.3599680.314/5
2016Lakewood (SAL)498.241/.306/.4408640.2524/5
2017GCL Phillies (GCL)0.000/.000/.0000000/0
2017Clearwater (FSL)325.194/.247/.3057540.158/2
Comments: Plenty of raw power, but comes from quick wrists/bat speed more than strength. Struggles with contact, especially off-speed, which limits current in-game power. Elite RF arm; though overall defense needs to improve. Though lanky now, has frame to add bulk, but is below-average runner. Two loud tools with promise seeking considerable refinement.

Development Path: Ready to make his full-season debut at Low-A Lakewood, where he'll continue to work on pitch recognition and consistency of AB.

Fantasy Impact: Power could be very good, though plate approach needs to be cleaned up. Likely swing-and-miss follows him and keeps BA below average.

Upside Grade: 8D

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