HQ Radio Apr 14, 2023: Friday Full Edition w Glenn Colton

April 14 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Show No. 12 is a Friday Full Edition featuring an interview with Glenn Colton of "Colton and the Wolfman" show on SiriusXM, discussing  ... Also hitter and pitcher news with Kris Olson ... Runs 2:28:00

Show Rundown

> Feature expert interview Part 1 (2:20): Glenn Colton discusses early observations from the new season, including the parade of injuries

> AL Player News (47:05): Kris Olson looks at American Leaguers, including AL hitter news, including departures and arrivals in TEX, a disaster in BOS, and a breakout in TAM ... AL pitcher news, including changes in CLE, notes from the BOS rotation, and an unfortunate stubbing in DET..., and others...

> NL Player News (1:31:00): Kris Olson looks at National Leaguers including NL hitter news, including a huge loss in PIT, and a QBaB target in SD ... and NL pitcher news, including more weird injury happenings for an unlucky right-hander in SD, a big loss in MIL, and a welcome return in ATL..., and others...

> Feature expert interview Part 2 (1:46:45): Glenn Colton discusses in-season management from the SMART system, managing fast and slow starts, and some early buys and sells on surprising player performances

> In the Minor League Minute (2:13:55), BHQ scouting team member Rob Gordon looks at NYM IF Brett Baty and DET cornerman Justyn-Henry Malloy

> In the Frequent Flyer (2:17:05), BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at newly arrived MIN 2B Edouard Julien

> And in Extra Innings (2:20:25), BHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt looks at my first trivia contest of the season, about 30-30 guys

BaseballHQ Radio is available in an online web player here (left-click to listen in your browser), and the MP3 file can be directly downloaded here. The show will be available shortly at most podcatchers...

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