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The following tools, rules and research findings represent the work of many authors. Much of our own research is here. There are works of other baseball analysts, including Baseball HQ writers. And of course, Bill James, who was the founding father of this type of research.

There are two types of information here. There are analytical tools, which are methods to put events and performances into context. And there are actual research results. Generally, we only include the results of each particular piece of research, rather than take up space with all the methodologies and minutia. The back-up data have appeared in our other publications and on Baseball HQ in the past. Our purpose here is to give you the tools you need to make evaluations, and quickly. So pardon the lack of support data. Rest assured we’re not making this stuff up.

Be aware that these research findings represent tendencies, not absolutes. If we tell you that 96% of batters with eye ratios over 1.50 will hit over .250, don’t send us hate mail if the former batting champion you drafted in the second round falls into the other 4%. It happens. It’s not our fault. Consider this a universal disclaimer.

But beyond that, there is great value here. Consider this your own personal fanalytic arsenal.

NOTE: This online version of the Forecaster's Toolbox is taken from the 2016 edition of the Baseball Forecaster.