First Pitch Florida 2023 - Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be kept updated on all conference details prior to the event?
All attendees are placed on an email list. Beginning in early February, regular mailings will be sent out with important details, changes and opportunities to help shape the program. Typically, expect to receive about 4-6 emails up until a few days before the event. If you have not received an e-update within two weeks of your registration, contact us at immediately.

Will you have any COVID protocols for the event?

While we have had COVID vaccination/negative test requirements for our Arizona events since the pandemic began, we will be relaxing those restrictions for this event. Mask-wearing will be welcomed for any attendee who chooses, but we will place no restrictions on mask wearing, vaccination status, or COVID testing.

What is the scheduling of the symposium?
You can see the program details here (preliminary, and subject to change). At a high level, the structure is basically:

  • Friday: (optional) afternoon ballgame, evening welcome reception and LABR drafts
  • Saturday: morning conference sessions, afternoon spring training game, evening LABR draft and attendee drafts
  • Sunday: morning conference sessions, (optional) afternoon ballgame

When should I plan on arriving?
The first official event will be some conference sessions late on Friday afternoon, before the welcome reception. Expect attendees to be wandering the hotel earlier on Friday if you're looking to make some connections, shoot the breeze, or if you need to catch a ride to the ballpark for a Friday afternoon game.

Do I need to rent a car?
It's up to you. The hotel is very close to Palm Beach International Airport. There is no hotel/airport shuttle available, but taxi/rideshare should be inexpensive. It's roughly a 15-20 minute drive to the ballparks. We will coordinate ride shares to the Saturday game. Renting your own car really all depends upon how much flexibility you want to have.

Do you provide any discounts on airfare or car rental?
We do not. All travel arrangements are the responsibility of each attendee.

Can I bring my spouse/significant other?
You can certainly bring them; we may have a limited number of additional ballgame tickets available. However, they will be unable to attend the seminar sessions as space is usually at a premium.

What's the weather like in Florida that time of year?
February/March temperatures in South Florida usually run in the low 70s during the day. Dress is casual; jerseys and caps are welcomed! Note that the host hotel does have a swimming pool and fitness center.

Should I bring my team rosters?
Absolutely. There should be ample time for you to get some feedback on your teams from the speakers, as well as from fellow attendees. There is also always at least one session devoted specifically to roster analyses.

How is this event different from First Pitch Arizona?
First Pitch Florida is patterned after our signature Arizona event, which has been running for 25+ years. We're bringing much of what works in Arizona to this event, with some new features as well. In particular, being so much closer to peak draft season and Opening Day lets us analyze the coming season with far fewer unknowns than we have in Arizona each fall. Additionally, joining this event with the annual LABR drafts allows us to see top-level players in action, and debrief with the competitors afterwards.

Are there any meals provided as part of the registration fee? 
Hot buffet breakfasts are provided on Saturday and Sunday to attendees who are staying at the host hotel. There will be hors d'oeuvres and a cash bar at the Welcome Reception on Friday night, and coffee/tea/soda available during the morning conference sessions.

Can I blog and/or tweet from the conference?
Yes, you may send your audience general details and occasional excerpts from the program sessions. However, transmitting large portions of information learned at the event is prohibited. This is an exclusive paid program and distributing too much information devalues the event for future audiences. There will also may be sessions where proprietary information may be shared by baseball personnel; you will be informed that blogging and tweeting will be prohibited at those sessions. Attendees who are found to be transmitting excessive amounts of information may be barred from future events.

What is your cancelation policy?
We will provide a full refund for any registrations canceled prior to February 20th, 2023. From February 21st-27th, we will provide a refund of 50% of your registration fee. Due to the up-front costs we incur, we cannot offer any refunds for registrations canceled after February 27, 2023.

If I can't make it to the Symposium at the last minute, can I still receive all the freebies and handout materials?
Certainly, but we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to make sure we reserve a set of speaker handouts. Please contact us no later than the Wednesday prior to the event weekend.

Be prepared to be enlightened, challenged and overwhelmed. This event brings out the highest caliber of fantasy leaguers and we have put together a highly interactive, hands-on program. You will meet perennial champions in national competitions who are eager to share their secrets. Our speakers are experts in their fields, but often serve as no more than facilitators for the discussions that will take place. Guaranteed you will come out of First Pitch Florida with a more solid foundation than when you arrived, and you will have had an incredible time that will not be easily forgotten.