Welcome to the new BaseballHQ.com

Welcome to the all-new BaseballHQ.com!

Literally almost a year in the making, you're now looking at our modernized web site. Yes, we have jumped into the 21st century in terms of web design!

All of the features that you're used to are here, broken into intuitive menus on the toolbar across the top of the site. As you drag your mouse over that top menu, the menu will dynamically change as you slide across the menu. All of our article content is in the headers on the left side, with our tools and data over toward the right.

While we have fully tested the new site and expect to "hit the ground running", inevitably there will be a few unanticipated glitches in the transition. We will have all hands on deck to address issues as quickly as possible. We just ask for your patience for a few days while we work out any kinks and get fully stabilized on the new site.

Watch this space for status updates and any communication of issues throughout the transition.

Friday, Feb 3 update:

The following issues have been resolved in the last few days:

  • $0 values in player projections are fixed.
  • Rotowire/KFFL feeds are back (see News tab) - Rotowire feed is updating sporadically, should be fixed soon
  • Forum 'BaseballHQ tools' links have been fixed
  • Custom Draft Guide output display options fixed
  • CDG CSV pitcher report fixed - now displays all pitchers, not just positively-valued ones
  • dates have been added to 'recent headlines' (format will be changed
  • (bunch of other fixes too, but these were the widely-reported issues)

Wednesday, Feb 8 update:

We've started moving older content over from the previous web site. The 2011 org reports are now available (under Scouting, Organization reports in the top menu). We've also moved most of our 2011 research columns, which aren't linked anywhere (yet) but are searchable on the site if you're looking for something specific. In general, the site search tool works great... much better than the old one. Make sure you use it.


  • link colors now change when you visit the page: unread articles will be orange, read ones will be purple. This should help everyone spot new content.
  • problems with categories not being available in MACK reports have been resolved.


We'll keep the fixes coming, thanks for your patience.

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