RELIEVERS: Twenty 2019 LIMA relievers for your consideration

This column is looking at LIMA relievers this week. Twenty years ago, relievers who had the elite skills of 6.0 DOM, 2.0 CMD ratio and 1.0 HR/9 were on a short list of relievers to consider. Not so today. Today, there are more and more relievers who greatly exceed those skill indicators. To cull it down to 20 relievers, the following filters were used: 100 or better BPV, 3.50 or lower xERA, 9.0 or better DOM, 3.0 or better CMD ratio, 1.0 or lower HR/9, less than $10 in mixed 15-team 5x5 and a 250 ADP or more. Even with these extreme filters, we get 20 relievers!

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