HQ RADIO May 26, 2017: Ray Murphy

May 26 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Ray Murphy, BaseballHQ.com co-GM and columnist, discusses trading, leading indicators, buy-high guys, how leagues and owners respond to changes in MLB... also  the Minor League Minute… Playing Time and Frequent Fliers...Weekend Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes... Runs 1:56:45

Show Rundown (runs 1:56:45)

> NL News (starts at 2:15): Harold Nichols looks at a nnew old closer in WAS, rotation changes in LA

> AL News (13:45): Jock Thompson looks at relievers returning to the LAA bullpen, Jacoby Ellsbury

> Feature expert interview (33:35): Ray Murphy

> Minor League Minute (1:35:35): BHQ minor-leagues analyst Rob Gordon looks at Mets SS prospect Amed Rosario

> Playing Time (1:37:40): BHQ analyst Ryan Bloomfield looks at a potential breakout starter ... in Colorado?

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (1:40:10): BHQ pitcher matchups analyst Greg Fishwick covers starts by Dallas Keuchel, Jon Lester and more...

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