HQ RADIO May 11, 2018: Mike Gianella

May 11 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Friday Full Edition features guest expert Mike Gianella, from Baseball Prospectus, discussing Eureka moments, Lourdes Gurriel's callup, year-to-date fantasy valuations and top stories, and his Boons and Banes for the rest of the year… Also NL/AL News, Frequent Fliers, Pitcher Matchups, Talk With Todd, Master Notes ... Runs 1:44:05

Show Rundown

> Feature Part 1: Mike Gianella (starts at 2:10)

> NL News (21:00): Harold Nichols looks at Carlos Martinez, Matt Harvey

> AL News (32:25): Harold Nichols looks at bullpen changes in TOR and BAL

> Frequent Fliers (44:50): BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at CHW OF Eloy Jimenez

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (48:25): BaseballHQ analyst Greg Fishwick covers starts by Jacob deGrom in PHI to take on Aaron Nola and other weekend matchups...

> Feature Part 2: Mike Gianella (54:10)

> Talk With Todd (1:08:50): Todd Zola looks at weekly pitcher ratings

> Master Notes (1:34:55):  BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses driving in runs

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