HQ RADIO March 3, 2017: Todd Zola

March 3 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert: Mastersball, ESPN, RotoWireTodd Zola, discussing The necessary evils of park factors, using ADPs, Revaluing Catchers, drafting one-dimensional speed... also the Minor League Minute…

Show Rundown (runs 1:44:45)

* NL News (starts at 1:50): Harold Nichols looks at Kyle Schwarber, Alex Wood, and the Lucas Duda injury fallout

* AL News (17:45): Jock Thompson looks at David Price, the Yankees' crowded 1B/DH situation, Mike Moustakas

* Feature expert interview (38:35): Todd Zola

* Minor League Minute (1:33:05): Rob Gordon looks at BOS OF Andrew Benintendi

* Master Notes (1:34:55):  Patrick Davitt discusses A common denominator for hitter metricsBaseballHQ Radio is available at iTunes, or you can download the podcast directly here (right-click to download and save; left-click to listen in your browser).

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