HQ RADIO March 10, 2017: Scott Pianowski

March 10 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Scott Pianowski of Yahoo! Sports discusses boring players, the World Baseball Classic, valuing 2016 surprises, and more...... also the Minor League Minute… and Master Notes...

Show Rundown (runs 2:01:25)

> NL News (starts at 0:55): Harold Nichols looks at the Mets unsettled bullpen, Jonathan Gray, this year's Wil Myers, and more

> AL News (22:00): Jock Thompson looks at the 2B free-for-all in CHW, Sonny Gray and Huston Street out of action, and more

> Feature expert interview (48:20): Scott Pianowski

> Minor League Minute (1:50:45): Rob Gordon looks at NYY OF Aaron Judge

> Master Notes (1:52:50):  Patrick Davitt discusses Stars & Scrubs vs Spread The Risk

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