HQ RADIO July 24, 2020: Alex Chamberlain

July 24 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Friday Full edition features an expert interview with Alex Chamberlain, from Rotographs, discussing ERA estimators from the past, in the present, and into the future, and the development of new, more accurate tools to project ERA. ... Also, NL and AL News with Harold Nichols and Ray Murphy ... the Hey, Taxi! commentary, and Extra Innings... Runs 2:10:15

Show Rundown

> Feature Part 1 (02:10): Alex Chamberlain

> NL News (23:35): Harold Nichols looks at a dark horse for saves in PHI, possible changes in bullpens in MIL and STL, and more

> AL News (45:10): Ray Murphy looks at Mike Trout, Franchy Cordero, the SEA bullpen, and more

> Feature Part 2 (1:11:15): Alex Chamberlain

> Feature Part 2 (1:29:20): Alex Chamberlain

> Hey Taxi! (2:04:30): BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at SD OF Edward Olivares ...

> Extra Innings (2:06:25): HQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses Opening Daze

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