HQ RADIO July 21, 2017: Joe Sheehan

July 21 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Joe Sheehan, the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter, discusses  the problems with making narratives out of numbers, Aaron Judge's performance outlook, Jose Quintana's change of address… Also NL/AL News, Minor League Minute, Playing Time, Frequent Fliers, Weekend Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes ... Runs 1:59:39

Show Rundown (runs 1:59:39)

> NL News (starts at 2:10): Harold Nichols looks at JD Martinez to ARI, Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson to WAS.

> AL News (20:14): Jock Thompson looks at David Robertson and Tommy Kahnle to the Yankees, Carlos Correa to the DL

> Feature expert interview (42:55): Joe Sheehan

> Minor League Minute (1:34:00): BHQ minor-leagues analyst Rob Gordon looks at White Sox OF prospect Blake Rutherford

> Playing Time (1:35:52): BHQ analyst Ryan Bloomfield looks at potential trade ripples iin BAL and TOR

> Frequent Fliers (1:38:42): BHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at NYM 1B Dominic Smith and LAD SP Walker Buehler

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (1:42:14): BHQ pitcher matchups analyst Greg Fishwick covers starts by both ends of the weekend series between CHC and STL and more...

> Master Notes (1:48:24):  BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses answering reader comments.

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