HQ Radio Jul 31, 2021: Special trade-deadline roundtable edition

July 31 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Show No. 37 is a Special trade-deadline roundtable edition with Ray Murphy, co-GM and columnist at BHQ.com and our reporter on the AL Beat here at BHQR; Alex Beckey, an analyst at BHQ.com and our Frequent Flyer commentator at BHQ Radio; Ryan Bloomfield, Speculator columnist at BHQ.com; Matt Dodge, Playing Time Tomorrow analyst covering the AL Central for BHQ.com; and Jock Thompson, the Director of News and Analysis at BHQ.com and the reporter emeritus on the AL Beat here at BHQR  ... Runs 1:03:40

Show Rundown

> Roundtable discussion (1:30)

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