HQ RADIO Feb. 1, 2019: Ray Murphy

February 1 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Friday Full Edition features guest expert Ray Murphy, the co-GM of BaseballHQ.com, and a columnist at the site, discussing his early experts' draft, BaseballHQ tools and updates, and his boons and banes for 2019... Also NL/AL News, Frequent Fliers, Market Watch Position Previews, Master Notes ... Runs 2:24:00

Show Rundown

> Feature Part 1: Ray Murphy (starts at 1:55)

> NL News (57:15): Harold Nichols looks at Robinson Cano, David Robertson, Josh Donaldson

> AL News (1:17:40): Jock Thompson looks at new homes for Cody Allen, Asdrubal Cabrera, Avisail Garcia 

> Frequent Fliers (1:43:15): BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at TAM 1B Nate Lowe

> Weekend Market Watch Position Previews (1:47:05): BaseballHQ analyst Greg Fishwick starts this series by looking at the DH and catcher markets...

> Feature Part 2: Ray Murphy (1:52:20)

> Master Notes (2:14:40):  BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses his New Year's fantasy resolutions

BaseballHQ Radio is available for download directly here (right-click to download and save; left-click to listen in your browser). It will be available shortly at iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Cast and other podcast aggregators.


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