HQ RADIO August 25, 2017: Gene McCaffrey

August 25 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Guest expert Gene McCaffrey, the Wise Guy of fantasy baseball, discusses the sustainability of some unexpectedly good seasons, a look at some players who could be next year's "Last Year's Bums" and more… Also NL/AL News, , Playing Time, Frequent Fliers, Weekend Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes ... Runs 2:07:15

Show Rundown (runs 2:07:15)

> NL News (starts at 2:14): Harold Nichols looks at Michael Conforto, Cody Bellinger, Alex Wood

> AL News (20:41): Jock Thompson looks at injuries to Jackie Bradley Jr., Danny Salazar, Andrew Miller, Miguel Sano, and even a little good news

> Feature expert interview (38:13): Gene McCaffrey

> Playing Time (1:43:41): BHQ analyst Ryan Bloomfield looks at the potential call-ups of Ronald Acuna and JP Crawford

> Frequent Fliers (1:46:16): BHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at BOS OF Bryce Brentz and CHC RP Dillon Maples

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (1:49:49): BHQ analyst Greg Fishwick covers starts by Aaron Nola, Zach Davies and more...

> Master Notes (1:58:06):  BaseballHQ Radio host Patrick Davitt discusses moving the decimals late in the season

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