HQ RADIO April 19, 2019: Howard Bender, Glenn Colton

April 19 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Friday (over)Full Edition features guest experts Howard Bender and Glenn Colton, from SiriusXM fantasy sports radio and Fantasy Alarm... Bender discusses being aggressive in the free-agent market early, working on the radio with a former big-league GM, and more... Colton talks about his early roster moves, SMART in-season management, the intersection of fantasy and gambling with the new gambling laws in the U.S. and more.. And both experts have Boons and Banes for the rest of the season … Also NL/AL News, Talk With Todd, Frequent Flyer, Weekend Pitcher Matchups, Master Notes... Runs 3:31:10

Show Rundown

> Feature 1: Howard Bender (starts at 4:10)

> NL News (1:09:20): Harold Nichols looks at bullpens in PHI and MIL and more NL News

> AL News (1:35:00): Jock Thompson looks at Blake Snell, Christin Stewart and other AL newsmakers

> Feature 2: Glenn Colton (1:53:20)

> Talk With Todd (2:44:15): Todd Zola looks at Juiceball 2, and how fantasy owners should react to the sudden spike in HRs

> Frequent Flyer (3:09:30): BaseballHQ analyst Alex Beckey looks at DET OF Daz Cameron

> Weekend Pitcher Matchups (3:12:57): BaseballHQ analyst Greg Fishwick covers a Sunday matchup of BOS LHP David Price in TAM to face Rays RH Tyler Glasnow, and more...

> Master Notes (3:18:15): HQ Radio host Patrick Davitt talks about early season results of his pitcher Net PRO research...

BaseballHQ Radio is available directly here (right-click to download and save; left-click to listen in your browser). It will be available shortly at iTunes, Stitcher, Pocket Cast and other podcast aggregators.



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