HQ RADIO 2016-Sept-23: Joe Sheehan

September 23 BaseballHQ Radio is up!

Joe Sheehan, from the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter and Sports Illustrated, discusses the will to win, pitch framing and the strike zone, the Orioles' adherence to the seventh commandment, and a lot more... also Playing Time... Frequent Fliers, weekend Pitcher Matchups, and a special guest edition of Master Notes…

Show Rundown (runs 2:25:35)

  • NL News (starts at 2:25): Harold Nichols looks at 2017 breakout candidates including Eduardo Nunez, Luke Weaver, Phillies' closers, and more
  • AL News (19:15): Jock Thompson looks at Gary Sanchez, Todd Frazier, Jorge Polanco
  • Feature expert interview (50:10): Joe Sheehan
  • Playing Time (1:58:10): Ryan Bloomfield looks at last-ditch pickups in OAK and SD to round out the final week
  • Frequent Fliers (2:01:00): Alex Beckey looks at MIL 3B Hernan Perez and STL SP Luke Weaver
  • Weekend Pitcher Matchups (2:06:30): Greg Fishwick looks at an interleague battle of possible 2017 breakouts, as ARI LHP Robbie Ray visits  Baltimore to face RHP Kevin Gausman
  • Master Notes (2:17:50):  Guest commentator Lawr Michaels says goodbye to an old friend

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