HQ NOW: Experts Leagues Winner's Circle, 2020

"Baseball intelligence for winners" is a slogan we use here at BaseballHQ.com. Everything we do here is designed to help you win. But we're in this, too—so when BHQ writers do well in experts competitions ... well, let's just say actions speak louder than words. And in 2020, we had a lot of action. Here are the top finishes BaseballHQ.com writers brought home this year in national expert competitions:


2020 First Place finishes

  • SirusXM-FSGA Experts League (Brent Hershey/Ray Murphy; second season in a row)
  • Triple Crown League Overall (Hershey/Murphy)
  • Triple Crown AL Auction (Ray Murphy)
  • XFL (Doug Dennis; second season in a row)
  • CBS NL Auction League (Brant Chesser)
  • The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational (TGFBI):
    • Brian Rudd (8th overall/390 teams)
    • Doug Dennis
    • Arik Florimonte
  • RazzSlam Points League
    • Greg Fishwick (3d overall/216 teams)
    • Brent Hershey
    • Brant Chesser


2020 Second Place finishes

  • LABR Mixed Auction (Ray Murphy)
  • LABR Mixed Draft (Ryan Bloomfield)
  • LABR NL (Doug Dennis)
  • The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational (TGFBI):
    • Ryan Bloomfield
    • Brian Slack
    • Brent Hershey
    • Bob Berger
    • Patrick Davitt
    • Dan Marcus


2020 Third Place finishes

  • Triple Crown NL Auction (Brent Hershey)
  • Ottoneu Experts League (Andy Andres)


We know there are a lot more winners out there, too. Share your own successes with us in the comments area below, or in this forum thread.

Congratulations to all of our winners, staff and subscribers alike. For BaseballHQ.com's complete and impressive finishes in experts competitions over the years, visit our Titles and Awards page.

And of course, always follow The Three Cardinal Rules for Winners. If you cherish this hobby, you will live by them or die by them:

  1. Revel in your success; fame is fleeting.
  2. Excercise excruciating humility.
  3. 100% of winnings must be spent on significant others. 

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