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Introducing a Book Season Like No Other! 

Get your the earliest possible start on your 2021 fantasy baseball season by securing your copy of Ron Shandler's 2021 Baseball Forecaster and the 2021 Minor League Baseball Analyst.  Two special notes given the 2020 Sprint (MLB) and Cancelled (MiLB) Seasons:

The Baseball Forecaster has across its history adapted to the changing state of the game—the recent trends of more strikeouts, more HR, less SB as one example. And now, we're  faced with how to evaluate a 60-game season. Our team of writers and analysts are up for the task, so you can once again lean on the 35th (!) edition of the Forecaster to assist in your preparation for 2021. Context matters. 

The Minor League Baseball Analyst has an even deeper challenge, as the minor league season was wiped out due to COVID-19. For 2021, the publication will address some broader issues within the prospect world—more in-depth MLB team analysis, strategy implications of buidling a fantasy farm system or the risk of losing a whole year of player developent—in addition to our updated 2021 team prospect lists, our 2021 Impact rookies, and the ubiquious HQ100. The format for 2021 will be different, as well: the publication will be a digital-only release—you can now take it anywhere—with new lower pricing for 2021. 

All details, including full descriptions, discounts, ship dates, and standing-order options can be found at the links above.

Year after year, thousands of satisfied readers use Ron Shandler's Baseball Forecaster and Minor League Baseball Analyst to provide all the details and descriptions of 2021's rising starts, sleepers, potential busts, and more. These are time-trusted resources that any serious fantasy player can't be without.

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