GM's OFFICE: Welcome to 2020's #HQ100Week!

Well, it was a hit the first time, so ...

#HQ100Week is back!

Welcome to our week-long feast of revealing, appreciating, discussing and debating the best of 2020's fantasy baseball prospects here at Whether your jam is deep dynasty or shallow only-leagues, you can't deny that rookies have become an accepted part of the fantasy difference-makers in the past few seasons. And you've come to the right place this week, as compile the best of the best of our recently-concluded Organization Reports. The schedule:

Monday: Release of the collaborative HQ100 list.

Tuesday: Writers Roundtable-1 on ranking philosophy and preferences.

Wednesday: Writers Roundtable-2 on the overall list including intricacies from this year's edition and possible trends.

Thursday: Writers Roundtable-3. This is the day we release all seven of our writers' individual lists, so you can see who the prospect team agrees on, and who they have ranked differently. Q&A this day will be grounded in individiual rankings.

Friday: Writers Roundtable-4 will examine the future; sleepers and just-missed guys from this year's list that you'll want to keep a close eye on in 2020. 

Plus, there might be some additional extras along the way. Feel free to leave YOUR thoughts and questions in the comments field at the bottom of each article, as your input and feedback is valuable. 

Soon, we'll be pivoting to by-position prospect lists, but don't miss our other two big works on minor-leaguers this offseason: The Organization Report homepage (including several team reports that are FREE), with links to Top 15 lists and scouting reports from all 30 MLB clubs, and our printed 2020 Minor League Baseball Analyst, where we have filed reports on over 900 minor league players and just went to press. The book can still be ordered at any time; and will be shipped in late January. You get immediate access to the PDF files when you order.

So join us all week long as we break down one of's most popular features, the HQ100.

Happy #HQ100Week!


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