THE EYES HAVE IT PODCAST: Ep. 10; The 2021 MLB Draft Recap

Episode 10

Brent & Chris discuss Brent's experience at the draft and the Home Run Derby, Chris answers questions about the draft process, Brent challenges Chris to a rapid fire Q&A session, and we break down six draftees.

Runs 53:38

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0:18: Intro
02:48: In-person experience of the MLB Draft and Home Run Derby
08:31: The timing of the Draft
14:56: Pittsburgh's Henry Davis surpise at #1
18:07: The pitching runs in the 2021 Draft
23:20: MLB Draft rapid-fire Q&A: Best picks, favorite picks, and more!
28:28: Live Look: NL EAST: Brady House (SS, WAS)
33:01: Live Look: AL WEST: Harry Ford (C/OF, SEA)
37:13: Live Look: NL CENTRAL: Jordan Wicks (LHP, CHC)
40:43: Live Look: NL WEST: Will Bednar (RHP, SF)
44:43: Live Look: AL EAST: Logan Workman (RHP, TAM)
48:49: Live Look: AL CENTRAL: Colson Montgomery (OF, CHW)
51:03: The Week Ahead
52:36: Contacts and Closing

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