THE BIG HURT: Hurt file, May 24-29

Last week—May 17-22

May 29, 2017

Manuel Margot (OF, SD) – R Calf strain (5/24/17)
The strain is in the soleus muscle, which is behind the larger gastrocnemius muscle. That doesn’t make the injury any worse, but it can be harder to isolate when stretching and doing other rehab. There’s no word on the severity, but he should miss a couple of weeks at a minimum.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk; Risk of recurrence
Est. Return: Mid-June

Kendall Graveman (RHP, OAK) – R Shoulder, soreness (5/26/17)
This is his second bout with soreness this year, increasing the likelihood that there’s an underlying cause. However, he best-case scenario is that he simply came back too soon from his earlier injury. Expect the A’s to give him plenty of time in any case.
2017 Impact: Potential of more serious injury
Est. Return: All-Star break

Ian Kinsler (2B, TEX) – L Hamstring strain (5/27/17)
There’s no information yet on the severity of his injury. Until there’s more, we will treat it as minimal.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk; Risk of recurrence
Est. Return: Mid-/Late June

A.J. Griffin (RHP, TEX) – L Intercostal strain (5/27/17)
So far, this appears to be a minor injury. We will update as more information comes out.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk in the near term
Est. Return: Mid-June

Amir Garrett (LHP, CIN) – L Hip, inflammation (5/26/17)
There are lots of potential causes of hip inflammation, so it’s hard to estimate how much time he’ll miss. The sample size is small, but this is usually a longer-term injury.
2017 Impact: TBD; Possibility of additional missed PT
Est. Return: Early July (rough estimate and highly variable)


May 27, 2017

Luis Avilan (LHP, LA) – L Triceps soreness (5/25/17)
There’s little to go on here, so we’ll keep an eye out for updates. This could, of course, be the harbinger of something more serious, but if it’s “just” soreness, there’s still a wide range of possibilities. We’re going to target the average here.
2017 Impact: TBD
Est. Return: Late June (best estimate)

Jumbo Diaz (RHP, TAM) – R Forearm, fatigue (5/25/17)
Hard to say what’s going on here. It’s unlikely that they’re just stashing him on the DL, as his performance has not been good lately. For now, we’ll assume it’s a simple strain.
2017 Impact: TBD; Possibility of missing additional PT
Est. Return: Mid-June

Alex Meyer (RHP, MIN) – Back spasms (5/24/17)
The team says they expect him to miss the minimum, and they’re probably right. Most back spasms resolve in a couple of weeks.
2017 Impact: Minimal
Est. Return: Early/mid-June

Nathan Karns (RHP, KC) – R Forearm tightness (5/19/17)
An evaluation indicated fluid near his elbow. The reports don’t say it was an MRI, so there could be tissue damage causing the fluid buildup, but it’s likely just general inflammation.
2017 Impact: Non-zero probability of a more serious injury, but likely minimal
Est. Return: Early/mid-June

Anthony Alford (OF, TOR – L Wrist, fracture (5/23/17)
A broken hamate is about the worst possibly wrist injury. This is the injury that often saps a player’s power for long after the bone has healed. This probably doesn’t affect your plans at all, as he wasn’t a big part of Toronto’s plans, but this will probably affect him the rest of the way, if he plays at all.
2017 Impact: Likely reduced power
Est. Return: Late July

Jameson Taillon (RHP, PIT) – Testicular cancer (5/6/17) UPDATE
So far (knock on Alex Wood), he seems to be doing well in recovery and has been throwing well off a mound. Assuming no setbacks, he’s as little as three weeks away from returning.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk
Est. Return: Mid/late June

Brock Holt (3B, BOS) – Vertigo (4/21/17) UPDATE
We realized that we haven’t written about Holt yet. Vertigo is not a common ailment—only two players have been diagnosed with vertigo in the past five years, and both returned right at the five-week mark, Then again, we recall former Reds/Red Sox/Braves first baseman Nick Esasky, whose career was ended by vertigo that didn’t clear up over a two-year stretch. Let’s hope that’s not Holt’s fate, but it is a poorly understood affliction. Holt has been pulled from his rehab assignment, so he’s still weeks away at best. Our estimate is highly variable.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk; Risk of extended absence; Possible reduced effectiveness
Est. Return: July-ish (best estimate)


May 24, 2017

Phil Hughes (RHP, MIN) – R Shoulder, biceps tendonitis (5/21/17)
Given the options, this diagnosis may bring a sigh of relief, but he's still looking at a long recovery and there's a wide range of potential outcomes. He'll miss some time, and his return date is not easily predicted.
2017 Impact: Potential for additional lost PT
Est. Return: Late June/Early July

Corey Kluber (RHP, CLE) – Back, stiffness (5/2/17) UPDATE
So far, so good with his recovery. Barring a setback, he's only a week or two away from returning.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk; Risk of recurrence; Possible effect on performance
Est. Return: Early June

Felix Hernandez (RHP, SEA) – R Shoulder, bursitis (4/26/17) UPDATE
The King is a bit behind our original schedule, but his rehab is progressing. Updating his estimated return.
2017 Impact: Elevated risk; risk of recurrence; possible reduced effectiveness
Est. Return: Early/mid-June

Travis Jankowski (OF, SD) – R Foot, bone bruise or fracture (4/23/17) UPDATE
His injury was recently diagnosed as a fractured foot. Updating his return estimate.
2017 Impact: Possible reduced effectiveness
Est. Return: Early July

Garrett Richards (RHP, LAA) - R Arm, biceps strain, irritated nerve (4/6/17) UPDATE
Right now, his right arm is at 60% strength. He's working on building up the strength, then continuing with rehab. This will be a slow process with a high risk of setbacks along the way. Ironically, had he had TJS in 2016 when the original injury occurred, we might be talking about his return now. However, that doesn't mean he made the wrong decision—all of his options at that point were risky.
2017 Impact: Will miss most or all of the season.
Est. Return: Mid-August or later

Colin McHugh (RHP, HOU) - R Elbow impingement (4/8/17) UPDATE
The original plan was to shut him down for six weeks, but he was throwing earlier in May. He's not thrown off a mound yet and there's no timetable for him to even begin doing that, so the overall plan seems to still be in effect. As of now, it's at least 6-8 weeks. Luckily, an MRI showed no damage to the UCL.
2017 Impact: High risk; Potential for additional missed PT
Est. Return: Mid/late July

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